GTA 5: Knife Flights Map

Knife flight map in GTA 5
GTA 5: Map of knife flights
Knife flights in GTA 5 is not just fun but a challenge. Doing it in certain locations, you can open the achievement / trophy, and it is necessary for 100% completion of GTA 5. A knife flight is the flight on the aircraft in a position where the wings are perpendicular to the ground that is 90 degrees to the horizon. Span thus in special locations in GTA 5 will be credited for the knife flight. The game features 15 places where you can take a knife flight, all of them in the city, and the essence of all such flights is to fly between the buildings. Map of knife flights in GTA 5 will show you all 15 seats, where you can make a field at a 90 degree angle to the horizon.

GTA 5: 100 Percent Completion
For 100% completion of GTA you don't need to perform all  knife flights, eight of the fifteen will be enough.

Achievement / trophy “Close Shave”
For the achievement / trophy “Close Shave” you  have to perform all fifteen knife flights, and also all the fifty flights under the bridge.

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