Map of stunt jumps in GTA 5

Map of stunt jumps in Grand Theft Auto 5
Map of stunt jumps in Grand Theft Auto 5
Stunt jump (Stunt jumps) in GTA 5 - jumping with the car or motorcycle, in special places. Execution stunt jumping on the bike with one hand, easier, and with another - more dangerous, as nasty fall can lead to death of the character. The performing of jumps is required for 100 percent completion of GTA 5, and the achievement / trophy. Makes sense to perform the stunt jumps as Franklin, because of his special ability - slow motion when driving. With our map of stunt jumps in GTA 5 you can easily find all locations of stunt jumps.

100 percent completion of GTA 5
For 100% completion of GTA 5, you have to perform 25 of the 50 stunt jumps.

Achievement / trophy “Show Off”
For the Achievement / trophy “Show Off”
you have to do all 50 stunt jumps.

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