Review of GTA 4 The Ballad Of Gay Tony

Review of GTA 4 The Ballad Of Gay Tony
Review of GTA 4 The Ballad Of Gay Tony
It was known in advance of the release of the first DLC, there will be two episodes. After TLaD - an interesting complement of bikers and others like them that - the players have begun to wonder about what will be in the second. If the first episode was downloaded and recorded on GTA 4, then after GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony are both supplements out a separate disk - now do not have to write the data to the "Quartet" and so lose it. A new edition was called Episodes from Liberty City. For a long time, the two episodes were exclusive games for the Xbox 360, as soon Rockstar announced the release and on the PC, and PS3.

Of course , everyone is pumped from TLaD in technical terms : the same system requirements , the same graphics, etc. However, the developers were given more opportunities and presented everything in the right surroundings . Now the player control is transferred over a Dominican , as in GTA: Vice City Stories. Given the previously unheard of pathos and glamor, the game not only added new sports cars , but also the opportunity to hang out and have fun in every way nightclubs. Unlike the first episode , the second , we are free to change clothes . And another thing: finally back in a series of parachute and all the things that you can do with it . Of course, there are new additional tasks, new achievements and the like that. As we know , Rockstar have always been able to compare the different beautiful time periods : 1984 , 1986, 1992, 1998 , etc. Unfortunately , they get filthy create at least two games , the events that occur in parallel. In the first episode, the developers have done a lot of errors , and the second of these errors are gone, and have doubled . Now you can look at the three screen savers are not just different angles and angles, and with different details and nuances. Rockstar must either develop games for years with different events , or to learn from their mistakes , of which seven have already done a wagon and a truck .

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