GTA 5 trailer in detail 2: time, place, Hero

Trailer GTA 5 in Detail 2: Time, Place, Hero
In previous article we discussed some details of the trailer GTA 5, now it is time to answer the main questions by the fans


So let's again look closely trailer and try to find out in what year, there were actions of the game. Rumors that this 2012 the year is not justified. GTA IV came into 2008, and the action takes place in the same year, some fans have dismissed the information that 2012 the year is a game release date and time of events GTA 5.
But we will be based on facts. You remember that almost all cars from GTA IV are based on the real?
In the trailer GTA 5 I also noticed several cars:

Red car is certainly Porsche 997 Cabriolet
Trailer GTA 5 in Detail 2: Time, Place, Hero
And of course you noticed Range Rover Sport
Trailer GTA 5 in Detail 2: Time, Place, Hero
But this car like the Audi R8 Spyder
Trailer GTA 5 in Detail 2: Time, Place, Hero
Porhse and Audi are manufactured 2006, and Range Rover in 2005. Therefore the events in GTA 5 ~ 2006-2012.

GTA 5 there are some companies have also been used in a cluster:

eCola - manufacturer of sparkling drinks
Trailer GTA 5 in Detail 2: Time, Place, Hero
Brute - manufacturer of auto, technics
Trailer GTA 5 in Detail 2: Time, Place, Hero
These companies were in the top four in 2008, and therefore, in GTA 5 time must be later than in GTA IV.

Therefore the events in GTA 5 ~ 2008-2012.


You all certainly know, that the place of events San Andreas, the proof of this is the city of Los Santos, which we see in the trailer and an inscription with the name of the state on private cars.
But the fact is that the game will not all cities of the state, and only Los Santos and its surrounding territory

Trailer GTA 5 in Detail 2: Time, Place, Hero


After you fans know that actions are already known to us the city, everybody would want to see in the new GTA the familiar hero. Now we, on the basis of the date of the events of the game (2008-2012) will try to find out who can and who can not be the main hero of the game.

Our candidates:
- Carl Johnson
Niko Bellik
Tommy Vercetti
- Claude
- Adrian (?)

Carl Johnson

Charles was born in 1967, after the death of his younger brother Brian in 1987, Karl leaves Los Santos and moved liberty city. In 1992, Carl returned in LS...
During the GTA5 СJ'Yu will be approximately 41-45 years. Not for young gangster shoots from the police, right?
In the trailer it says that the character is moved to LS to start a new life. Carl could move in LS in 2008-2012 year, when the game with his participation occur in 1992?
Most likely the main character not CJ, but he may meet us at the plot of the game.

Trailer GTA 5 in Detail 2: Time, Place, Hero

Niko bellik

Trailer GTA 5 in Detail 2: Time, Place, Hero
Nico was born in Yugoslavia and adolescence spent in the small town of Serbia participated in the Yugoslav War. At the moment of action GTA IV Niko was 30 years old, so to Rome he will 30-34. It is quite normal age, but we've seen in the trailer?
He looks a little like a man, played Golf, and the homeless have a jacket like his:

Trailer GTA 5 in Detail 2: Time, Place, Hero
In the first case, a man looks younger than 30, and a homeless person over the age of 35, so in the trailer Niko was not, but he will be in the game or not - is not clear.
Remember in the trailer said that the hero moved here because of the weather? In Serbia, the average temperature is 10 degrees, but he could not come here later in 2008, as he was in Liberty City.

Tommy Vercetti

Trailer GTA 5 in Detail 2: Time, Place, Hero
Good old Tommy from Vice City.... Now he's just an old, because from the time VC it has been a long time, he was born in 1951 and in GTA 5 he would 57-61 year. Will we run an old man on a city? I think that there is.
If you watched the backstory to San Andreas, you remember that Ken Rosenberg after drug dependence treatment is calling Tommy, but he refuses to talk to him. At the time SA he is still alive, but the GTA IV more dead.
Probably in GTA 5 Vercetti will.


Trailer GTA 5 in Detail 2: Time, Place, Hero
Claude we already met in addition to the GTA III SAwith him, we participated in the race and, if you remember he was a guy Catalina (see screenshot). Whether he is in the next GTA? In the five Claude would 37-41 year. Whether RockStar do Claude for the third time in history GTA? In the video they say that a hero wants to have a family and be a good father, Claude just the same is the companion - Catalina her and he wants to start a new life after a life of crime?
Perhaps we've seen in the trailer Claude, unnecessarily GTA III it is drawn so bad (compared to GTA 5, that we could not learn.
Let's look at the drawn HD version Claude and the man from the trailer:

Trailer GTA 5 in Detail 2: Time, Place, Hero
If to consider, that here the difference in 11 years, the facial features really something similar, unlike Tommy age-appropriate, but this is only an assumption.


Trailer GTA 5 in Detail 2: Time, Place, Hero
Widespread rumor:
"The main hero -- Hispanic named Adrian .
Events occur and San Andreas 2012. Many issues give links and they parody the situation relating to the Mayan prophecy about the end of the Holythe ETA. The game starts in Los Santos, on the territory of the Los Aztecas, after the main character will be beaten and robbed.
The plot of the game will spin around big money and big financial transactions. Big money very often will be associated with the drug trade..."

Trailer GTA 5 in Detail 2: Time, Place, Hero

Who's alive and who's dead?

And maybe some of the characters in the series GTA not lived up to the GTA 5? How awful it sounds, but it is possible that most of the characters already died...
The thought of it brings a wall in the GTA IV after the mission "Shadow", where it says""Rest in peace Claude", "Remember, Tommy, " you're still my hero", "Carl, I love you", "rest in peace", actually see for yourself:

Trailer GTA 5 in Detail 2: Time, Place, Hero
The author of the article and screenshots - shama123

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