GTA V - sea new information from rumors

GTA V - sea new information from the category of rumors
GTA V - sea new information from the category of rumors
An anonymous source who claims that he is working on one of the British gaming magazines, published a lot of new information about Grand Theft Auto V.

If you believe the informant, he learned the following information from their colleagues, who were able to play for 30 minutes in GTA V in the office Rockstar North for a week before the developers have posted the first trailer.

The game world is huge, the main place of action is indeed Los Santos, however, only this city, at least four times their Liberty City from GTA 4, but it's the game has and surrounding areas - the beaches, mountains and so on. By car from the centre of Los Santos out of the city took the main character (African American little older than 30) about 15 minutes of real time. The world worked out very carefully, for example, on нефтеочистительном the plant employs about 100 NPC, has different mechanisms, and so on.
Forest in the game more beautiful than in Red Dead Redemption - in this place you will see people resting in the nature, drunken teenagers dancing near the fire. Trees, plants, water - everything looks just fine.

Mechanics of fire was completely redesigned, new types of animation when shooting, jumping, crawling on the stairs, fords - shooter now looks more realistic. Also looks interesting reloading of the weapon. In the game world a lot of elements which you can climb.

Other details:
The game has many different animals, while it is not known whether killing them.
You can fly different aircraft, and, if desired, send them to a building
Many domestic locations: a shopping center, a College, a police station, a huge hospital, elaborate system of underground Sewerage
On the streets you'll see how the NPC are engaged in various activities: go shopping, wash cars, fighting, fleeing from the police and so on
The machine can be repaired and improved, there is the option of force players to fill the machine with gasoline
You will have a telephone, but no more visits, he will only use for tasks
Large Arsenal of weapons, including a flamethrower, mines with remote control and so on. Can also be used as a weapon of things that you can find on the street. In addition, you can steal from the Museum of ancient axes, swords etc.
Some weapons can be modified and even create at home
These mini games like bowling, Darts etc. remained in the past. Now you can play basketball, to arm-wrestle, lift heavy fight for money, do a triathlon, rafting down the river by canoe, climbing, base jumping'Ohm, ski diving'ohms.
A change in appearance of the main character boils down to a set/сгонке weight and selection of clothes. You can't change gender, age, height of the main character
Children NPC in the game
You can hide behind a man during a shootout
If you kill someone when exactly no one is there, the star, as it was in GTA 4
Cops behave much more realistic - they will use smoke, tear gas, dogs, Taran to quickly make a door where you укрываетесь.
You can lock the doors, barricade the entrance to the premises
During the game you will improve various skills, it concerns not only weapons but also the level of skill in managing different kinds of transport
In one of the missions you will find a very famous personality from the world of GTA
In the world of bright sun can be quickly replaced by a torrential rain, yet promising earthquake.

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2011-11-15 12:01:21

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