Exclusive details of GTA 5

Exclusive details GTA 5
Exclusive details GTA 5
Later on Twitter there was a message from Tim Clark with the "formal refutation" of everything that you will read below.

Chief editor of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK officially declared that his magazine, as well as Play, has no relation to the "informational hole". According to Clark, the state editions, which are owned by Future Publishing, there is not one such journalist, who could drain all the exclusive Network.
The in-game world of Grand Theft Auto 5 is so vast, how can afford the current generation of consoles. Los Santos is four times more liberty city (GTA 4). Other communities are represented in the project, were not considered. Adjacent to the city area, including beaches, too much. So, the main character - African American at the age of thirty years - it took fifteen minutes to get from the centre of Los Santos to the courtyard.

In addition, the developers did their best to city and suburb, to live your life. In Los Santos each busy with his business. And on farms can easily have hundreds of NPC. In the forests of local residents organize gatherings around the campfire, riding on motorcycles, etc. etc. In terms of visualization of animals, plants and water look perfect.
Mechanisms shooting undergone significant improvements. For even more realistic animation added diving, climbing, course and crawling. Reloading of the weapon looks less static.

Grand Theft Auto 5 appear animals, from dogs to cattle. However, it is still not clear whether the player hurting them. Because of this, Rockstar, problems may arise with the organization PETA, fighters for the rights of animals.
In the game there are planes that you can manage. If you want, you can send in a residential building.
Also, the insider said that Rockstar has added to the project as much as possible do not resemble each other interiors. The player can visit the shopping malls, the local College campus, in the police station in the city hospital and some other significant sites. In addition, Los Santos, like any other city, has its own Sewerage network.

But it's all the «flowers», without which the new game in the Grand Theft Auto simply not get out. That's really juicy rumors:
Cars in GTA 5 are improvements and repairs. Also they will need to be refilled.
System «Dating» is gone from the series. The player will remain a mobile phone, by means of which he could get a job. However, call the main hero will be the only ones with whom he had already met.
In addition to the standard firearms in the game there will be flamethrowers, all kinds of mines and «claymore». You can also choose absolutely any subject on the street and use it as a weapon. Well, if you get bored, you can go to the local Museum and to get out of it a couple of ancient swords or axes.

And, you can be poured gasoline around the car, and then quietly set fire to it, to blow this very car. Like they do in the movies.
Mini-games (bowling, Darts etc) also leave the series. Instead of them there will be basketball, armwrestling, partisan fighting, climbing, base jumping, skydiving, abseiling, racing on the water, and much more.
This is another opportunity character customization. The player can change the main character clothing, weight, etc Race, height and age will remain unchanged.
Return of the burglary, but only as part of a mission. Just to get into the house next to it you will fail.
In GTA 5 will not NPC children. At all.
Will have the opportunity to grab the person and use it as a shield or a hostage.
Also in GTA 5 will be implemented skill system. If you use exclusively motorcycles and shoot only one gun, eventually you will become a real professional.

Some weapons are subject to customization. Some of them can be collected at home.
In one of the missions presented in GTA 5, will be involved in one of the main characters from previous games in the series.
And finally the weather. The developers decided that the torrential rain, bright sun and tremors here not to be redundant.
Fuf, well, like everything. And now look forward to the official confirmation from Rockstar. The only pity is that early next month it will hardly appear. Since it is an «exclusive» information.

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2012-03-12 09:42:53

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