Double reward for the Pacific Standard heist

Pacific Standard heist double reward
This week there's double reward for completing on-line heist Pacific Standard.

Final of the row of great promotions from Rockstar Games began on August 3rd and will last until 6 August. During this time, you can get double money and RP reward for completing Pacific Standard on-line heist. To make a raid on this, one of the largest, among other things, bank of Los Santos, you need to be quick to steal motorcycles at bikers gang The Lost, destroy the convoy of Merriwether, save one important fugitive from the clutches of the police, plus much more and for all this you will also get double money and RP reward! By the way, this dual award applies to "award" for the implementation of the Elite Challanges, so try to pass the final mission of a heist in less than 10 minutes 15 seconds, make it so that no one caused the NOOSE team and make sure that none of your mates dies to get really a large amount of crisp cash.

Traditionally, this week available double reward RP some action in GTA Online. The developers are still trying to get as many people as possible got a high rank, and were able to participate in major online heists and practiced before the serious business. The list includes:

  • Deathmatch: to take one of the first places to kill the enemy using the transport.
  • Mission: don't lose any bonus health.
  • Race: a clean lap, fastest lap, ahead of a circle, to take first place, to overtake a player 5 times to overtake a player 10 times, skidding a duration of 5 seconds.
  • Shipping cars for Simeon.
  • Jumping from springboard
  • Survival: kill the player, destroy the transport.
We remind you that on our website there's a detailed passage of Pacific Standard heist, we hope this passage will help you to perform all mission objectives and even Elite Challenges.

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2015-08-04 08:06:16

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