GTAViceCity.RU - 10 years!

10 years GTAViceCity.RU
GTAViceCity.RU - 10 years !
Today 27.08.2013 our portal GTAViceCity.RU celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

GTAViceCity.RU is the largest in RuNet resource dedicated modes such series of games Grand Theft Auto, as: GTA IV, GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City.

Ten years - it is large enough and representative age for the Internet resource. The last 4 years, our portal has developed a tremendous pace thanks not only to developers , administrators, and moderators , but also to all of you , our dear users and fans of games in the series GTA.

Today, on behalf of the entire administration of the portal and myself, I want to say thank you for being with us!

GTAViceCity.RU - 10 лет!
To mark the occasion we have prepared a grand distribution of gifts moderators and the most active users of the portal , as well as all users of the site is in for a pleasant surprise!

Dear friends, today is GTAViceCity.RU all users have access to the testing of the new engine portal at:
Testing the engine will run for a month. After all the tests, completion and verify that the new content management system the Russian-language version of the new engine will be installed on GTAViceCity.RU, and the English language will continue its development at:
Special attention we draw to the fact that the new engine is in the process of improvements and all time through the testing possibility of comments to the mods removal exists at Try , test , comment!

P.S. Username and password on coincide with your account on GTAViceCity.RU

The following published four top list with the users of the portal , which in the last year have made the maximum contribution to the development of the site. Each user of this list from August 29 to 18 o'clock will have the opportunity to take * his gift in the form of a license key of one of the following games (or set of games) **.

TOP 15 moderators in the last year:
1) KINOman
2) ZZK
3) 31011
4) Tinrion
5) skrilex
6) KolinSasa
7) Эль Андрето
8) GAZelist
9) Vladka72
11) Danger
12) tyuiop
13) Fallen123
14) 08021998
15) DMN902

TOP 20 of the most active users of the portal for the last year (on the activity adding mods):
1) KolinSasa
2) ulik_kg
3) hanan2106
4) leha939393
6) 08021998
7) Egorik98
8) slavaska
9) VladyslavToyota
10) GAZelist
11) Zymku
12) oleGka123785
13) Nikitos86
14) S.T.A.N.I.S.L.A.V.
15) Bogdan Panow
16) DzhonMason
17) Musheg1998
18) KINOman
19) JACKSON228
20) batter

TOP 5*** portal users in the last 3 months (on the activity adding mods):
1) ADSL605952
2) Demonchik2013
3) postmaker707
4) heavyangel
5) Karl_007

TOP 5 most active commenters portal for the last year:
1) nice.sliv
2) Demonchik2013
3) hanan2106
4) SanKaaololololol

* - 29.08.2013 at 18:00 Moscow time here will post a link to the page receiving the license key to the game (set of games). Gift license key from GTAViceCity.RU be able to get only four people trapped in the top list posted on this page above. If the user immediately got two or three of the list, it will receive 2 or 3, respectively, the license key from different games. Key collection will take place through a mini lottery. The list of 16 games will have to mention the 7 most desired games, hidden button click "Get the game" and you randomly from the marked 7 games will be awarded a license key from one game, as well as information about how to activate and jump game.
Each gift games (set of games) will be provided in the amount of more than 2 pieces. Key enough for all!
Updated on 12:00 29.08.2013
: Added a set of games The Sims 3. Thus, not only is 15, 16 and game!

** - gift games (or sets of games ): Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack, Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition, L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition, Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Battlefield 3, Dead Space 3, Dead Space, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Medal of Honor, Mirror's Edge, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, Populous,
The Sims 3 + (дополнения: The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff (Современная Роскошь) и The Sims 3 Late Night (в Сумерках) + Sims 3 Date Night DLC).

*** - users are included in the Top 20 for the year in the list of top 5 are not included!

Get gift key
page is available only to users of the top lists
if you have questions on how to activate keys write PM to administrator NOIS

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