GTA 1 cheats

GTA 1 cheats
Designers and developers of the first GTA version were keen on making a game process easier for players, so they created a kit of cheat codes for it. The codes allow instant access to locked levels, infinite ammunition, enhanced functions of the game.

Codes for GTA 1 must be typed in instead of player's name. Sometimes they don't work and a player should enter cheats while playing or do it from the Pause Menu. These situations occur due to peculiarities of functioning of gaming platforms, the use of flawed PS simulators and modification to the source code of the game performed by some "experts". Therefore it is recommended to use the original game files.

The list below represents a complete collection of cheat codes for GTA 1 which allows to easily unlock hidden resources and potentials. The cheat codes are valid on both the original platforms such as PC, PlayStation, MAC and simulation game consoles.

NOTE: Remember that permanent use of cheat codes may reduce excitement in the game process which is supposed to bring joy. The developers of GTA 1 added opportunity of applying cheat codes exclusively for the purpose of speeding up the testing process of the game and offering players a chance to complete the level if it is really very difficult. It is not uncommon when a player, having skipped 1 or 2 challenging moments, could proceed in the game without any difficulty.

GTA 1 cheat codes for PC and MAC

INSTRANTUM - Character gets an infinite number of lives.
IAMTHELAW - "Wanted" level drops to 0, police stops chasing a character.
&MACHINE - x10 point multiplier is enabled.
HATE MACHINE (or HATEMACHINE) - Increase of point multiplier.
BUCKFAST - All weapons are available. To get the weapons press the * on a keyboard.
SUCKMYROCKET - Player gets a Jail Card, armored jacket and all weapons.
ITSGALLUS - All cities are unlocked.

Additional cheat codes for PC version:
IAMGARYPENN - The player's character starts using swear words.
IAMNOTGARRPENN - "Swear words" mode is off.

GTA 1 cheats for PlayStation

SATANLIVES - The number of lives increases up to 99.
HANGTHEDJ - Cheat code for immortality (God mode).
CHUFF - Police do not notice crimes committed by a character.
EATTHIS - Maximum "Wanted" level is enabled.
GROOVY (or MADEMAN) - All weapons are available.
PECKINPAH - Cheat for all the weapons, armored jacket and a Jail Card.
WEYHEY - Money cheat. $9,999,990 (points) is credited to the player's account.
EXCREMENT - Game experience multiplier equals to 5. For instance, $100 (points) earned will turn to 500 (100х5 = 500).
TVMAN - Some districts of San Andreas are unlocked.
FECK - A part of Liberty City is unlocked.
CAPRICE (or TURF) - All cities are unlocked.
URGE - All cities except Vice City are unlocked.
BSTARD - All maps are unlocked, all weapons with infinite ammo are available, number of lives increases up to 99.
BLOWME - Enables coordinates display.
SKYBABIES - Allows selecting game level.
INGLORIOUS - Allows selecting any game level and setting additional parameters.

Debug mode in GTA 1

Enter PORKCHARSUI as a player's name to enable additional functions by pressing corresponding buttons on a standard keyboard:

  • Num Lock «2», «4», «6», «8» - Position control of the camera (down, left, right, up)
  • Num Lock «+» - "Frame counter" mode is enabled
  • «Home» – Camera returns to initial positions (gets the centered viewpoint)
  • «L» — The camera image is zoomed in
  • «K» — The camera image is zoomed out
  • «F12» – Game level is restarted
  • «D» – Management of a screenshot taken in *.tga file format