GTA 4 cheats

An exciting and addictive game GTA 4 is familiar to every gamer. Each of us strive to finish this game with the best result and as fast as it is possible. The creators of the game took care of that and prepared for that special GTA 4 cheats. Thanks to such cheat codes for GTA 4 we can advance further in the game and get extra help. Using these GTA IV codes each player can obtain various extra-weapons, wanted stars, cars and other vehicles, as well as additional health.

Cheats for GTA 4
The creators of the game have thought through all the nuances when creating all cheats for GTA 4 and didn’t give their players the immortality or the money that can be obtained through codes for GTA 4 money cheats. Therefore, you should monitor the health of your character constantly using the cheats for health and armor, as well as weapon cheats GTA 4. Furthermore, in the game there are cheats to change the weather and codes to escape from the police.

However, the creators of the game did not create such a large number of cheat codes for GTA 4. And in some cases, such codes can bring your character not only the benefits, but also hurt him. Therefore, they must be used correctly and as intended. After applying some cheats, your achievements in the game can be blocked. In order to avoid such troubles, experienced gamers advise not to save the game where the cheat codes GTA 4 were used. Just exit the game and refrain from saving, restart the game again. But if this happened and you saved the past stage in the game after using of the codes and lost all the achievements, the only way to recover is to go through the game again.

When playing a game, you can also use these codes for the different episodes. For example, there are some cheats for GTA 4 Episodes from Liberty City which are also available on our website.

How to enter GTA 4 cheat codes

All the codes for GTA 4, your character must enter in your mobile phone. These codes consist of a specific set of numbers, as well as phone numbers. In order to activate GTA 4 cheats, the character needs to dial a digital code sequence and press the call button in his mobile phone, i.e., make a call to a dialed number. Then you'll hear the signal, which notifies that the code is activated. Once your character entered a GTA 4 cheat to his mobile phone, it is retained therein and is always available for you in the "cheats" menu.

GTA 4 cheats for Xbox 360

All the codes are the same for games on any device. Thus GTA 4 Xbox 360 cheats and codes for games on the PC are the same. During the gameplay enter the cheat codes for GTA 4 Xbox 360 and get health, weapons and other advantages.

List of GTA 4 cheat codes

Weapon cheats

486-555-0100 — Armory set №1 (bit, pistol, shotgun, MP-10, M4, sniper rifle, RPG, grenades).
486-555-0150 — Armory set №2 (knife, Molotov cocktail, a pistol, shotgun, Uzi, AK47, sniper rifle, RPG)

Car cheats

227-555-0100 — FIB Buffalo
227-555-0175 — Comet
227-555-0147 — Turismo
227-555-0142 — Cognoscenti
227-555-0168 — SuperGT
359-555-0100 — Annihilator
938-555-0100 — Jetmax
625-555-0100 — NRG 900
625-555-0150 — Sanchez

Health cheats

482-555-0100 — health, restore health of Niko Belic
362-555-0100 — armor

Search stars' cheats

267-555-0100 — to reduce the Niko's wanted level
267-555-0150 — to increase the Niko's wanted level
468-555-0100 — change of weather

GTA 4 money cheats

As mentioned above, the creators of the game did not provide money cheat for GTA 4. How do you get the money? Here are some simple and proven ways. You can kill the passers-by, when dying they drop out the money that your character picks up. You can also enlist in the police. When you neutralize the bandit you will not be charged, but when you kill him, much more money falls out of his pockets than from the pockets of a simple passerby. You can also easily and quickly obtain a large sum of money, blowing up the car of collectors, it is a green armored truck. So you can get up to $ 1,500. You can also wait for a passer near the ATM, which is suitable to remove the money, kill him and take the money. In addition, you can rob various stores, taking money from the cash register. Another profitable action in the game GTA 4 is to drive the car in the Stevie’s garage.