Grand Theft Auto 2 is an action sequel of the famous game series by Rockstar Company. The game was first released for gaming platforms based on Windows in autumn, 1999. By this time Releases of GTA 1 came out in London in 1969 and in 1961.

Events in GTA 2 took place in 2013. The quality of displaying the virtual world was significantly improved through the use of graphics accelerators, such as DirectX. Unlike previous versions of the game, users were able to choose a criminal organization to work in.

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The Plot of GTA 2

The Plot of GTA 2
The main character is Claude Speed. Traditionally he has to take part in the criminal life of the city, face with numerous gangs to commit robbery and assault. The gameplay is via the top-down perspective.

The character receives a job via telephones. They come in three colors: green, yellow and red. Using the green phone the player gets an easy job, using the red one he gets the most difficult job. The harder the mission, the higher the rank and the more money the character earns.

At each level of the game the user must complete 22 missions. During the last mission the player must kill three leaders of criminal organizations, after that he progresses to the next level if the character has enough cash. To complete the first level $ 1 million is enough, to complete the second level - 3, to complete the third level - 5.

Unlike GTA 1 in the second part of the game the police force is more prepared. In addition to the regular police patrols there are S.W.A.T. teams, F.B.I. agents and the Army. Specific attention of  law enforcement agencies is attracted by the level of public threat posed by the character. There are 6 wanted levels. The first wanted level results in the police chasing Claude, and the 6th wanted level results in the Army chasing the player.

At the request of the players developers added the ability to save the game in GTA 2. To save the game, the player needs to find the Jesus Saves church in every District and to have $50,000.

Modules of "artificial intelligence" were also finalized. Now other criminals can steal Claude’s car. Fights and shootouts in the streets can occur without the participation of the player.

There are many cheat codes in GTA 2. And if you have any difficulties with the passage of missions, or you just want to have fun, then you can find all the codes for GTA 2 for your platform on the page with cheat codes for GTA 2.

Weapons and bonuses in GTA 2

Weapons in GTA 2
Players can use the great variety of weapons. It includes single and twin pistols, UZI with a silencer and without it, shotgun, grenade launcher, flamethrower, grenades, napalm, mines, bombs, heavy-machine gun and even a tank gun.

Bonuses are divided into one-time and complex in the second GTA. The first type includes life, health, armor, the key to the prison, the damage multiplier, points multiplier, the police bribe and others.

Complex bonuses are well motivated and given for the completion of series of actions. For example, you can earn 40 thousand dollars and get a military vehicle (tank, jeep, and so on) after 8 sport car will be found in the 2nd District. Cars marked with numbers (1-8) and well hidden.

If a player will be able to get the highest rank in one of the gangs then he will get more abilities. Gang members will protect him from the police, even if the wanted level is at zero. The police won’t pay attention to beatings and attacks by criminal community.

Mentioned above and many other possibilities were opened in the end of the 20th  century in front of the owners of gaming platforms based on Windows, PlayStation, Dreamcast and Game Boy. It is notable that on the Game Boy a short version of the game came out with very few gaming options.

Official Releases of GTA 2

For many years the staff of DMA Design and Tarantula Studios worked on the creation of the concept, script and graphics of the game, which became available for the gaming community in the late 1990's. New users know the DMA Design Company as Rockstar North and Rockstar Leeds.
The official date of the world release of the second world GTA is the 30th of December of 1999. In particular, for the Windows platform game appeared in Russia in November 4, 1999, in Europe – in 28 July, 2000 for the Dreamcast and in November 10 for the Gameboy. The latest release date was of STEAM-modification of the GTA. It was held on 4 January 2008 in North America.

The Rockstar Games Company became a distributor of the game to different continents. In Russia the Buka Company acts like a publisher and a localizer of GTA 2, adapted for the PC.
Due to strict legislation and public morals at the beginning of the 21st century strict age limits have been set on the game. They were defined according to the research rating system (PEGI, OFLC) and ranged from "15+" to "18+". Specific constraints depend on the country of distribution.

Vigilant sellers, as well as poor development of torrent trackers and fan sites in 1999-2000 did not allow young people of 15-18 to have free access to the game. It is unknown for how long this process was controlled by adult s. Nowadays users can freely download any modification of GTA 2 without any problem. The game is free to run on the original platforms or on simulators.