Cheats for GTA 2

GTA 2 cheats
On this web page we publish a collection of all the GTA 2 cheats for PC, PlayStation and Dreamcast game consoles.

The GTA 2 cheats make it possible to easily accomplish any mission. Originally they were used for testing the game and helping out inexperienced players. Most of the cheating codes are for the PC version of the game; the fewest of them are for the PS-modification. GTA 2 cheats for various game platforms differ greatly.  There is only one cheat that is the same for all the platforms - MUCHCASH. It helps to get some fast cash.

Any of the cheating codes is activated by entering it in the player's name field.

Note: In the PC-version of the game the word GOURANGA must be typed in first and then the code itself, only this way the code will work.

All the cheats were tested with the original Grand Theft Auto 2 files. They may not work with various mods of GTA 2 created by third-party developers as well as with some versions of game platforms simulators.

GTA 2 cheats for PC

RSJABER - God mode: player becomes invulnerable to damage.
CUTIE1 - The number of lives is increased up to 99.
LOSEFEDS - The code for "No police" mode. Cops will not bother a player.
JAILBAIT - An unlimited number of "Get Out of Jail Free" cards are available.
ARSESTAR - All weapons are kept after death and resurrection of the player's character.
GODOFGTA - Any of the fire weapon and ammo are available for a player.
DAVEMOON - The code for basic set of weapons and ammo.
FLAMEON - Flame-thrower with unlimited ammo is available.
VOLTFEST - Electro gun with infinite ammo is available.
SCHURULZ - Claude may do unlimited double damage to any enemy.
IAMDAVEJ - Money cheat: $10 millions are credited to the player's account.
MUCHCASH - Money cheat: the player receives $500,000.
DANISGOD - Points are being gained much quicker.
EATSOUP - Free shopping is enabled.
SEGARULZ - x10 point multiplier is activated.
UKGAMER - Access to Levels 1, 2, 3 is unlocked.
GINGERR - Access to Levels 1-2 is unlocked.
TUMYFROG - All levels including bonus levels are unlocked.
MADEMAN - Player's respect increases up to maximum with all the gangs.
GOREFEST - Bloodshed becomes more vivid ("Blood Splatters" mode).
COCKTART - No points will be scored for exploding.
HUNSRUS - Invisibility mode is activated.
BUCKFAST - All people become robbers.
NEKKID - All people appear naked.
LASVEGAS - All people look like Elvis Presley.
FISHFLAP - All cars become small.

GTA 2 cheats for PlayStation

LIVELONG - Player's character becomes immortal (Invincibility mode).
DESIRES - This code sets Wanted level to maximum.
LOSEFEEDS - Police stops chasing Claude and pays no attention to him afterwards.
NAVARONE - All weapons and ammo become available.
HIGHFIVE - x5 points multiplier mode is activated.
IGSCORE - 10 million points are credited to the player's account.
MUCHCASH - Money cheat: player receives $500,000.
IAMPLAYA - Player never runs out of money.
ITSALLUP - Player can select game level on his own.
IGNITION - This cheat includes "turbo" mode.
WUGGLES - Coordinates mode is activated.
OFRILLS - Debug mode is activated.

GTA 2 cheats for Dreamcast

INFINITY - It is impossible to kill Claude (invincibility mode).
BIGCATS - The number of extra lives reaches 99.
BADBOYS - Wanted level is the maximum.
LAWLESS - Police disappears from the radars and stops the chase.
BIGGUNS - All weapons in GTA 2 become available.
LOSTTOYS - All weapons will be kept after death of the main character.
TOASTIES - Flame-thrower with unlimited ammo is available.
BIGFRIES - Electro gun is available.
DBLWAMMY - Unlimited "double damage" mode is activated.
BOYAKASH - x5 bonus multiplier is activated.
ULTIMATE - $10 million are credited to the player's account.
MUCHCASH - $500,000 are credited to the player's account.
SESAME - Self-selection and activation of any game level.
WOUNDED - Any damage leads to more gore.
ALLFREND - All gangs show maximum respect to Claude.
SCOOBYDO - Invisible mode is activated.
ERRHUH - All people in town look like Elvis Presley.