Review of the game GTA 3 Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto 3 - the video game that combines the advantages of a car simulator and third person shooter. The effect of immersion in a virtual world enhances the graphics implemented on the engine RenderWare.

Developers and official releases GTA 3

The development of the game for Xbox was primarily Rockstar Vienna, for PS2 and PC - DMA Design. Among the major publishers are the company Rockstar Games, Valve, Capcom, Soft Club, Beech. Most of the difficulties arose with game publishers in Japan due to strict legislation. The combined efforts of developers and specialists Capcom allowed to solve all difficulties.

The release of GTA 3 for PS2 was held on 22 October 2001 in the U.S., October 26 in Europe and September 25, 2003 in Japan. PC-version of 3D-shooter has entered the mass market in different continents from may 2002 to September 2003, version for Xbox - from October 2003 to January 2004.

Later STEAM version for Xbox and Mac OS X. Their releases took place on 4 January 2008 and 12 November 2010, respectively.

GTA 3 for PlayStation
The most recent port of GTA 3 was released for mobile platforms Android and iOS. The gaming community got access to it only at the end of January 2012. To provide this opportunity was just not appropriate. In fact, in 2010-2012 the mobile device based on Android became the most popular due to the rapid increase in device performance and reduce base rates.

Before going on sale each port of GTA 3 was subject to mandatory assessment of rating systems. They were PEGI, ELSPA, OFLC, BBFC. Depending on the distribution area were established age limit from 15+ to 18+".

The storyline and gameplay

The storyline and gameplay GTA 3
The main character is actively involved in city life, liberty, unquestioningly running errands criminal authorities. During a Bank robbery he was a wounded accomplice, arrested and convicted. By the will of fate, he managed to escape, when the transportation of prisoners to police was attacked. For some time he sits in the shelter, after which adjoins the Leone mafia groups and begins to move up the career ladder.

The prototype of the virtual world was the area of new York. In GTA 3 it is known as liberty city. The architecture of the buildings and events of the criminal world correspond 2001. As you perform the various tasks the player to open new locations. Originally for travel is available only Isle of Portland, the other location is blocked.

The game character of GTA 3 Liberty City
The game character can walk, run, jump, drive vehicles, fight with fists, use weapons and perform some other actions. An unfortunate omission in the gameplay of the game is the inability to swim.

Illegal actions a character can lead to higher wanted level, as measured by the number of stars from 1 to 6. If the main character will get all 6 stars, his arrest will be engaged in the military of the USA using heavy equipment such as tanks. The death or arrest of a character leads to its appearance near the hospital without the funds, weapons and armor.

The police is not the only problem of the player. In the city wielded gang - "triad", "mafia", "devils", "Columbia cartel", "Ardi", "Yakuza", "hugs". If cooperation is not established, it would be reasonable to bypass the gang members party.

GTA 3 Liberty City
For successful completion of the game needs to go 73 main mission and several additional. The character will be available 54 varieties of ground, air transport, as well as weapons for melee (fists, bit, combustible mixture) and far (UZI, grenade launcher, pistol, etc.) battle.