GTA 5 Heists

GTA 5 heists
In GTA 5 the developers really paid much attention to robberies and preparatory tasks that we need to do to successfully run the "business".

10 March 2015 in the next free DLC were added robbery in GTA Online. All players were very happy about this impressive addition to the online mode because of the robbery became one of the main sourcesmake money in GTA Online.

On this page of our website we provide a list of descriptions and passages of all robberies and from single player GTA 5, heists from GTA 5 Online.

By the way, on our website there is a special page where you will find a list of videos GTA 5 Heist. You can calmly watch GTA 5 Heist on our YouTube channel. So if you are looking for GTA 5 walkthrough Heist, look at our website - you will not regret!

Heists in GTA Online

On March 10, 2015 released the long-awaited update GTA Online Robberies. This large patch, besides many new weapons, vehicles and equipment, the players finally were given the opportunity to take a full robbery together with friends in co-op, as well as previously it was only available in a single company. With the only difference that in GTA Online robberies can be a real challenge even for the most experienced gamers.

To start the Heist co-op, you need to be the 12th grade and have a luxury apartment, such as Eclipse towers. To join someone else's loot you can before reaching the 1st grade. Lester will contact you and tell you that you need to meet to discuss "business". After that, he will call you every time there's a new Heist. However, you can always contact him.

Every job consists of a series of missions that includes thorough training, the search of the necessary equipment and, in fact, the case. Each one can be completed at three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and difficult. Moreover, the average level is about two times harder than easy, and playing on hard difficulty, you will earn 25% more than average. Needless to say that to win big you have to work hard.

Starting a robbery as the leader, you assume the cost of all equipment of the enterprise (weapons, transport etc), however, the share of awards you will have the biggest, and you will be able to divide the spoil between the other participants. Of course, that to avoid misunderstandings, it should be to discuss with colleagues the proportion of each. Only concerted joint action and a well-defined plan will help the players to get desired money.

GTA 5 Heist online is a great way to earn some money and get a decent amount of RP. GTA 5 robbery passage can be very difficult, so please read our article on the passage of these robberies. Game GTA 5 Heist is the best way to brighten up a dull evening in GTA Online!

Fleeca Job

Ограбление Fleeca (Fleeca Job)
The very first available the robbery for two players, is essentially a training. Rob will Fleeca Bank. One of the players takes on the role of the driver, the other hacker. The first will be to guard the hostages and to drive the car during the escape, and the second needs to crack the security system and open the safe.

For beginning players, along with Lester, you need to drive around the Bank to identify the weaknesses of the protection system and to find a convenient way through security. After that, Lester will say that it is necessary to obtain sufficiently fast and strong car for safe waste. To steal this one will have a rally car Kuruma, and right from under the noses of its owners-gangsters.

After the safe is opened, and its contents are safely transported to more reliable, your hands will be left to hide from the police and to divide the booty. Yes, sometimes in GTA robberies are not complicated.

Prison Break

Prison Break
This mission is for four players. This time will need to be rescued from the prison of the Russian scientist Maksim Rashkovskiy (eng. Rashkovsky). After preparation, includes the theft of the army's heavy lift helicopter, the capture of the prison bus, the theft of documents from the police and a pair of three important murders, all players will be divided by roles: one will have to play the prisoner, the second officer of the prison guards, the third will be to fly a plane, and the fourth will take fire support operations from a helicopter.

The prisoner and the officer needs to enter the prison in a stolen prison bus. Unfortunately, their cover will be revealed soon and they both have to get to the camera Rashkovsky. The helicopter pilot will need to cover comrades arrived from SWAT. Capturing armoured police van, the team must proceed to the airfield, where they were already waiting for the plane on which they will eventually disappear from prosecution.

Humane Raid

Humane Raid
In this task, four players will need to infiltrate a secret research lab to steal data from the computer. Who said GTA 5 robberies are only about the money? After both players held all the preparatory mission and get everything you need for the job, they are divided into two groups: the assault team and the crew of the helicopter (pilot and gunner). The helicopter, with the whole team on Board, will have to reach a marker, high above the laboratories. Waiting for activation EMP bombs, assault team're landing on the territory of laboratories and penetrates deep into the complex, while a helicopter destroys opponents in the air and on the ground.

После того как данные будут захвачены, штурмовая группа отступает через подводный тоннель и подает сигнал вертолету из ракетницы. Вертолет подбирает их и направляется к аэродрому, где команду уже ждут с добытыми данными.


To fulfill the mission you need to steal several large shipments of drugs from all major gangs, commissioned by Trevor Phillips Industries and, then, to protect them from gangsters trying to return the stolen items.After that, the players need to bring the goods to the place of meeting with the buyer. This mission can turn into some difficulties, because Trevor is against almost all the bandits in the state. Players will have to work hard in order to deliver drugs to the place in one piece, stay alive and get your share. Criminals do in GTA robberies and even more suicidal. It won't be easy.

Pacific Standard

Pacific Standard
GTA 5 robbery, it is not just, came, waved a gun and left with the money. Even on medium difficulty they require from the player a fair amount of concentration. And this is the biggest thing that offers you Lester: to Rob a Bank, Pacific Standard, in the heart of Wynwood. Should work, but it's worth it! Lester, of course, already had a plan: first you need to steal a postal van with a transmitter capable of disabling bombs with paint in bags of money. Then the transmitter will have to be reconfigured. Of course, no robberies will not, without the correct tools, good armored fast means of transport and waste. All this, too, would have to produce in the course of the preparatory missions.

The case itself will not work without noise. Eliminating resistance in the Bank, cracking the vault, and seizing cash, the team will be faced with five-star attention of the police. To evade the cops, players will have to use all your driving skills, including off-road. However, Lester and promised it would be easy.

The Jewel Store Job

The Jewel Store Job
This small raid on a jewellery store in the heart of Los Santos, is a kind of trigger that will start the story of GTA 5, because it is after that Michael plays much more trust in Franklin, and Trevor suddenly discovers that his best (and only, perhaps) friend, not dead, for nine years now, and is alive, not so far from him. The Heist is fast and dusty job, which can perform in two ways: "smart" and "loud".

In the first case, after making a small survey raid, the same for both passing options, the player will have to get special sleeping gas and a van of disinfecting service, in order to divert suspicion from the crew. The second option involves a simple heist on a jewelry store, in the spirit of the wild West. For this case you have to get the police assault rifles.

Also, in the mission you expect diamina chase on motorcycles through the tunnels of an unfinished subway and a small Derby featuring heavy-duty truck and several police cars.

The Merryweather Heist

The Merryweather Heist
This robbery is the work of a criminal genius of Trevor Phillips, who accidentally found right under his nose and almost without protection (just some kind of army of heavily armed mercenaries) a very important and secret government cargo. Of course, he decides to steal this thing, but forgot to get clear what it exactly is. This case is nothing but a daring raid on a well-protected facility, with the use of various technical means: minisub, cargo helicopter, bombs, and, of course, a whole arsenal of different weapons.

This mission can be performed in two different ways, "smart" and "loud". In the first case, we need minisuv and military cargo helicopter. We're going to steal a secret object during the testing procedure, deep in the sea. For the second way we'll need just a minisub and our goal will be a Merriwether's ship. We'll sink it and then float the object.

Blitz Play

Blitz Play
Our heroes once again have a bad luck. Being caught by the corrupt FIB agents they have to fulfill their requirements. And now they demand that Michael, Franklin and Trevor helped (or rather just did all the work) to take some "dirty" money of their colleagues from IAA. In plan view, of course, it's looks not bad, you could even say that it's a cinch: just ambush an armored truck in a deserted alley, quickly take the money and quietly slip away. However, the reality is much more complex and dangerous. Although Trevor must even liked it.

This heist has no alternative options, also, you can't choose team members - the heroes have to do everything by their own. To commit a robbery team will need boiler suits, masks, trash truck and a tow truck. Suggest that you prepare for a serious battle and buy more ammo and armor.

The Paleto Bay Heist

The Paleto Bay Heist
Our friends from FIB again reminded of themself. They again needed services of unchanged Trinity, and this time it seems as worthy: you have to steal from IAA extremely toxic gas, which they allegedly are going to spray in several cities to receive funding. Here only in order to perform this noble act we will need a lot of money for preaparations. It is the prey of this amount, we are going to do in this robbery. Our goal is a small provincial Bank, in the town of Paleto Bay, in the heart of Blaine County. According to Lester in this Bank local corrupt police keep their financial assets.

The preparation for the heist is very simple: all we need to do is to make a reconnaissance raid to the Bank and get some military equipment. After this, the team will be ready to move to the place of his future glory. This mission, perhaps the most dynamic among all robberies in single player mode, so get ready for a real fight and the real fun.

The Bureau Raid

The Bureau Heist
And again ours FIB mates did appear. Dave Norton, the agent, who once pulled Michael from serious problems, simultaneously providing a his own rapid career growth, appeared at a garment factory of Leicester, and reports that he, so and Michael, along with his entire team is under the cap, and if they won't steal the hard-drive with incriminating data from the FIB building, very soon they're all going get down by the Damocles sword of justice. The case is quite simple - all the same raid on a government Agency. Here we need to act wisely, so give it to Lester.

Heist can go two different ways. In the first variant we will enter the building under the guise of firefighters (of course, first have to start a fire). In the second variant we are going to parachute onto the roof of the building, in the best tradition of secret espionage operations, except that the mystery of this operation will not remain long.

The Big Score

The Big Score
This is the final heist in story mode of GTA 5. Our goal is a Federal Repository, very seriously guarded Bank, which contains tonnes of gold, just waiting to us to came and took it. Security here is really serious, so just showing up with a gun won't work. However, Lester is a good judge in such matters and, of course, already thought of it.

Robbery can go in two different ways. The first of these involves covert penetration into the territory of the gold warehouse, under the guise of collectors. We'll have to ambush a convoy of armored cars, take hostage the crew and go straight to the store. Inside everything should go smoothly, the problems will only start when the time comes to slip away.

The second option more artless. It's need to get the driller to drill the wall of the vault, through the unfinished subway tunnel. Gold will take ин teams embers in helicopters, and others will have to take care of the police, who would settle upon you with threefold effort. However the jackpot that is at stake, is clearly worth it.

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