Prison Break

Prison Break heist in GTA Online
This is the second available mission in the Heists update. Lester will introduce to the players a mysterious Agent 14 which wants to organize rescue-operation of the Russian scientist Maksim Rashkovsky. This heist divides to four setup missions and final attack to the prison. To succeed the mission needs a crew of four players. During the setup missions the crew will have to steal a plane and a prison bus, theft the documents from police office and commit a couple of murders. The final mission is attack to the jail and rescue Rashkovsky. Once the target had captured the crew will have to fight their way through the guards and bring Rashkovsky to the plane alive.    

Players required: 4
Set-up cost: $40000

Mission bounty

UnlockablesVelum 5-Seater, Prison Bus
AchievementsParole Day

Elite challenges:
  • end up the final mission in less than 4:40
  • Rashkovsly gets no more than 1% damage
  • no one gets wasted
As a reward for complete the elite challenges you`ll receive $100000. Also if you complete all the elite challenges in all the heist available in Heists update you`ll get an exclusive T-shirt.

The Prison Break walkthrough

This heist is much more difficult than previous. The goal is the prison that located south from the airfield owned by Trevor Phillips. Heist divided on to four setup missions. To succeed you`ll need a knit team of four.

Set-up mission - Plane

Set-up mission - Plane
In this mission the crew needs to steal the plane on which Rashkovsly will be sent aboard. The plane located on the McKenzie Airfield and owned by Vagos. You cannot finish this mission silently even if you try. The crew must divide on two groups: one of them take the plane and others clear up the runway from Vagos.

Set-up mission - Bus

Set-uo mission - Bus
You will also need a prison bus. It`s not complicated to find it just proceed to the marker on the map. You`d better have a heavy weapon available to shut down the police chopper. Take the bus and escape the police. The hard part of the mission is that the bus is big and clumsy so it isn`t supposed to overtake police cars. And you also aren`t allowed to be seen by police until you finish the mission otherwise the chase will start again.

Set-up mission - Station

Set-up mission - Station
This time there is two goals: theft the prison transport schedule from the police station and steal the car that Rashkovsky owned from the cargo ship. The crew divides in to two groups again. First group hijacks the patrol car and theft the schedule from the police station disguised as a police officer. Any problems may arise during car theft as for all the rest if you don`t looks suspiciously things should go smoothly.

Set-up mission - Wet Work

Set-up mission - Wet Work
As you may guess this mission is about murders. Namely, about the murder of two lawyers that treat the Rashkovsky and his business partner Popov. The crew divided in two teams. First go to the City Hall and take position onto the roof.  Using the sniper rifles they`ll kill the targets and go down to take the documents from the bodies. To escape the police chase you`d better use the fast sport car.

Second team attack the Popov`s mansion. There is two ways to complete the task: you may clear up the mansion silently or just use a machinegun to destroy everything that you`ll see. First way is much easy because Popov will try to escape at once if he hears the gunshots.

Walkthrough of the final mission - The Prison Break

Walkthrough of the final mission - The Prison Break
To succeed the mission the crew again divided in to teams. First two will go together as Prisoner and Prison Officer using the prison bus. Third player will play as Demolition and do the fire support by chopper. Fourth player will control the plane as a Pilot.

First of all, Demolition has to intercept the prison bus that going to the prison. Prisoner and Prison Officer take its spot and go to the prison. After they disguise disclosed they take Rashkovsky from the prison yard and fight their way through the guards to armored van. Demolition will have to cover them, killing the guards and arriving reinforcements.

While Prisoner and Prison Officer infiltrate the prison Demolition have also defend the plane from attacking fighters. When Rashkovsky has taken his spot in armored van Demolition will have to do best he could to not to let destroy the van with Rashkobsky. Meanwhile pilot of the plane go back to the airfield. When van`s arrived to the airfield crews and Rashkovsky takes the spots in the plane and takes off. After that Pilot only have to escape the chase.

  1. Intercept the prison bus.
  2. Kill the driver.
  3. Take the bus to the Sandy Shores Airfield and destroy it.
  4. Steak the Buzzer chopper.
  5. Defend the plane.
  6. Help Rashkovsky get to the plane.
  7. Defend the plane.
  8. Meet the crew on the beach.
  9. Take them back to the city.
  1. Take the spot in the prison bus.
  2. Go to the prison.
  3. Find Rashkovsky.
  4. Eliminate the N.O.O.S.E. teams.
  5. Get in the plane.
  6. Parachute to the beach.
  7. Get in the chopper.
  1. Take the spot in the prison bus.
  2. Reach the prison.
  3. Park the bus at the prison praking.
  4. Find Rashkovsky.
  5. Take him.
  6. Eliminate the N.O.O.S.E. teams.
  7. Get in the plane.
  8. Parachute to the beach.
  9. Get in the chopper.
  1. Get in the plane.
  2. Reach the Sandy Shores Airfield.
  3. Avoid the fighters.
  4. Take Rashkovsky.
  5. Parashute to the beach.
  6. Get in the chopper.

The mission will be failed if: Rashkovsky died, the chopper or the plane destroyed, Pilot haven`t get the plane in time, Pilot fly too far away from Los Santos while chase is continuing, Demolition haven`t intercept the prison bus in time.