GTA 5: 100 Percent Completion

To complete GTA 5 at 100% you don't need to pass all the missions of the game, you should finish only some of them:

All the story missions (50%)

Story mission — the mission that show us the main plot of the game; directly affect the lives of the main characters of Grand Theft Auto 5 — Franklin, Michael and Trevor. It also includes Franklin's killer missions offer by Lester. Complete all the story missions required for 100% completion of GTA V:


jewelry store Robbery

Fame or shame

Three's company


Mr. Richards



family Reunion

the RAID on the Bureau

  1. Prologue
  2. Franklin and Lamar
  3. Repossession
  4. Complications
  5. Father & Son
  6. Chop
  7. Marriage Counseling
  8. Daddy's Little Girl
  9. Friend Request
  10. Casing the Jewel Store
  11. Carbine Rifles
  12. BZ Gas Granades
  13. Bugstars Equipment
  14. The Jewel Store Job: Smart Approach
  15. The Jewel Store Job: Loud Approach
  16. Mr. Philips
  17. Nervous Ron
  18. Trevor Philips Industries
  19. Crystal Maze
  20. Friends Reunited
  21. Fame or Shame
  22. Dead Man Walking
  23. Did Somebody Say Yoga
  24. The Long Stretch
  25. Hotel Assassination
  26. Three's Company
  27. Hood Safari
  28. By the Book
  29. Scouting the Port
  30. Cargobob
  31. Minisub
  32. Merryweather Heist: Off-Shore
  33. Merryweather Heist: Freighter
  34. Blitz Play: Intro
  35. Blitz Play: garbage truck
  36. Blitz Play: Boiler Suits
  37. Blitz Play: Masks
  38. Blitz Play: Tow Truck
  39. Blitz Play
  40. Mr. Richards
  41. I Fought the Law
  42. Eye in the Sky
  43. The Vice Assassination
  44. The Bus Assassination
  45. Caida Libre
  46. Deep Inside
  47. Minor Turbulence
  48. The Construction Assassination
  49. The Paleto Score Setup
  50. Predator
  51. Military Hardware
  52. The Paleto Score
  53. Derailed
  54. Monkey Business
  55. Hang Ten
  56. Surveying Score
  57. Bury the Hatchet
  58. Pack Man
  59. Fresh Meat
  60. The Ballad of Rocco
  61. Cleaning Out the Bureau
  62. Reuniting the Family
  63. Architect's Plans
  64. Legal Trouble
  65. Fire Truck
  66. Getaway vehicle
  67. The Bureau Raid: Fire Crew
  68. The Bureau Raid: Rooftop Entry
  69. The Wrap Up
  70. Lamar Down
  71. Meltdown
  72. Sidetracked
  73. The Driller
  74. Gauntlet
  75. Stingers
  76. Getaway vehicle
  77. The Big Score: Subtle
  78. The Big Score: Obvious
  79. The Third Way
  80. The Time's Come
  81. Something Sensible

20 of 58 missions "Strangers and freaks" (10%)

"Strangers and freaks" is a side missions, offered by the secondary characters, they don't affect directly neither the storyline nor the fate of the main characters. 100% comepleting GTA 5 is required to fulfil not all but 20 "Strangers and freaks" missions, which the command issued by the different characters:

GTA 5: Tonya

GTA 5: Beverly

GTA 5: Barry

GTA 5: Omega

GTA 5: Hao
  • Far Out
  • The Final Frontier
  • Death at Sea
  • What Lies Beneath
Хао: Дом:Epsilon Program:Rampage:Cletus:Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill:Josh:Maud:Joe and Josef:Mrs. Philips:Sasquatch Hunter:

42 of 52 missions "Hobbies and entertainment" (10%)

Hobby and entertainment — vnesyuzhetnye mission in which you control a character engaged in a certain kind of physical activity in Grand Theft Auto V(games, yoga, races, etc.). To 100% complete the game you need to complete some 42 of 52 missions "Hobbies and entertainment":

GTA 5: Tyr

GTA 5: race street

GTA 5: tennis

GTA 5: school piloting

GTA 5: triathlon
  • Tyr: guns
  • shooting range: submachine guns
  • shooting range: assault rifles
  • shooting range: shotguns
  • shooting range: light machine guns
  • Tyr: heavy weapons
  • Street race: South Los Santos
  • Street race: city circle
  • Street race: airport
  • Street race: highway
  • Street race: Vespucci canals
  • Tennis: to win
  • Golf: play 9 holes and finish with a par or better result
  • Darts: defeat
  • Strip club: show private dance
  • Triathlon 1: Vespucci canals
  • Triathlon No. 2: Alamo sea
  • Triathlon No. 3: Coyote Cross County
  • the off-road Race # 1: the cliffs of the canyon
  • the off-road Race No. 2: along the ridge
  • the off-road Race No. 3: the underground spiral
  • the off-road Race No. 4: trail in the valley
  • the off-road Race No. 5: the lake shore
  • the off-road Race No. 6: friends of nature
  • Flight school: all 12 tasks
  • Sea race: East Coast
  • Sea race: North East Coast
  • Sea race: Raton Canyon
  • Sea race: Lost Santos
  • Skydiving: take all the jumps with objects
  • Skydiving: take all the jumps from a helicopter

Any 14 of 57 random events (15%)

Random events — small mission sometimes randomly appearing next to the current character. In these missions you often have to make a choice: to help or not ordinary people, but only in the first case it will be counted as a mission. For 100% completion of GTA 5 you'll need to do any 14 of 57 random events.

16 of 30 missions "Miscellaneous" (15%)

"Miscellaneous" is a variety of tasks such as: find and collect items on the map, go somewhere with a friend , perform some stunts and so on. To complete GTA 5 for 100 percent, you must perform 16 distinct "Miscellaneous" missions:

GTA 5: Chop

[img="" alt="GTA 5: flying "on the knife"]
  1. Purchase any 5 properties
  2. Buy a vehicle over the Internet
  3. Collect 50 spaceship parts
  4. Collect 50 pieces of letters
  5. take a Walk with Chop and play around with it using the ball
  6. you Meet a stripper
  7. Use the services of prostitutes
  8. Rob store
  9. Make 25 out of 50 under the bridge flights
  10. Make 8 out of 15 flights "on the knife"
  11. Take 25 out of the 50 unique jumps
  12. Visit the cinema
  13. Go with a friend in a bar
  14. Go with a friend to the cinema
  15. Go with a friend to a strip club
  16. Play with each other in Darts


For 100% completion Grand Theft Auto 5 given the award:
  • Achievement/trophy "career criminal" ("Criminal career").
  • For Francelina will be available to the mission "The Last One", associated with a snow man.
  • In certain places will start to appear UFO (more: GTA 5: UFO and aliens
  • In the wardrobe of Franklin appears on the t-shirt that says "100%".