GTA V: secrets and easter eggs

GTA 5: secrets and Easter eggs.

Rockstar Games have tried their best, and we can safely say that the game GTA 5 turned out great. But it wouldn't be as great as it is if there wasn't an addition of a large number of Easter eggs, which the developers have put into the game. Among the secrets of GTA 5 there are zombies, UFO and aliens, Ghost, bigfoot (sasquatch), and much more. This not only makes the gameplay more diverse and more fun, but also allows you to enjoy the game for many hours after you complete the story line. Fans of the series will be glad there are references to the previous parts, gamers - referencess to the other games. We can not to not pay attention to a great number of various allusions to popular and not so films. In this article we present you the list of some easter eggs discovered at the moment.

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Secrets GTA 5

Thre are paranormal phenomena, and mystical creatures and aliens, and so much more in GTA V! This game is not deprived of jokes and secrets:

the Zombies. Nowdays zombies are very popular, they are literally everywhere, and now in GTA! Leastwise one can be seen on the street in Vinewood. This zombie quite friendly and harmless - it does not hurt human flesh or brains you even can talk to it, although you can also kill, in spite of how you feel about the walking dead
Zombies in GTA 5
Bigfoot also known as Sasquatch, is the most famous myth of GTA San Andreas. In GTA V we can finally meet him. In the mission Predator you have the ability to look at people in the woods using the imager on the helicopter, so you can observe the shape of the bigfoot for a short time. After completing the game for 100% the secret bigfoot-related mission will be available which will finally shed some light on this story. In General, we can say that in GTA 5 subject of Bigfoot disclosed completely!
Bigfoot in GTA 5
Aliens. They are in GTA V, not only in narcotic hallucinations. For example, there is a frozen one in the ice with a very angry face. And at the bottom of the sea you can find not more flying UFO. Those who wants to learn more about extraterrestrial in GTA 5 may read about them in a separate article: GTA 5: Aliens.
an alien in the ice in the GTA 5
Ghost on the mount Gordo. There is a ghost of woman from 23:00 until 00:00 on the mountain Gordo. It soars above written with the blood name "Jock". Obviously, this is the Ghost of Jock Cranley's ex-wife Jolene Cranley-Evans. In 1978 Jolene with her husband Jock walked on the mountain Proudly, when they fell to arguing: Jock wanted to leave Blaine County to pursue his dream of becoming a stunt man, but Jolene didn't want to leave because she had to take care of her parents. While walking Jock pushed his wife off the cliff, thus killing it. Police considered that this was an accident and Jock was released without charge.
phantom mountain Gordo in GTA 5
Playboy Mansion. There is a huge mansion in GTA V, with pink exterior lighting, very similar to the famous Playboy mansion. There are swimming pool and tennis courts on the adjacent territory , and at night there are parties with girls Topless. Anyone who looks like Hugh Hefner was not seen there and unfortunately you cannot go into the house.
GTA 5 Playboy Mansion
Second coming? If you roam along the docks, you can see a young man by the name of Jessy that speaks about life and also say that his father loves everyone. He has a brown beard and long hair. On the neck, over the shirt he wears a cross. Perhaps some people will find something familiar in this character. In any case, let's hope that's noone is offended by Rockstar Games.
a guy like Jesus GTA 5
Huge orange ball. Actually just ball and nothing more. It is on the roof of juice bar in the Vinewood Hills. If you push it, it would roll down the hill. Careful, don't get hit by!
Big orange ball in GTA V
Hidden message on the map. In a special edition of GTA 5 is a blueprint, if you look at it with ultraviolet light you can read the message from Trevor and a few notes about where there are safe places where you can find weapons and other hints. Here, GTA 5: secrets of card special edition you can learn about the map in details.
GTA V map of the special edition
whale Skeleton. the Big whale. So big, that some may call it a sea monster. These remains are buried at the bottom of the sea, and, by the way, under water you can also find the crashed jet plane.

Cursor In the In-game Internet when you move mouse over the link displays a cursor with rectified middle finger instead of the index finger. That is the humor of Rockstar Games.
GTA 5 cursor
If you simply swim in the sea far from shore, you may receive a shark that, circled around, tear the character. When this happens you'll receive an achievement with the description: "We're Going To Need A Bigger Boat" (a reference to the movie "Jaws"). By the way, on the beach you can find a sandy sculpture head sharks, in the teeth of which is inserted surfboard.
GTA V sand shark on the beach
Infinite 8 Killer. There are walls and stones in the desert Gran Senora and Sandy Shores scribbled by a former inhabitant of Sandy Shores Merle Abrahams, who was obsessed with number "8" and infinity. He tried to conduct a bloody ritual, which for he needed 8 victims. Players nicknamed him Infinite 8 killer. Those who interested can read more about this killer GTA 5: Merle Abrahams - crazy Infinite 8 Killer.
GTA V secret obsessed killer
Tunnel in mount Chiliad. In the walls of the tunnel there are two doors with inscription "Danger", next to a large printed T01, another - T02. It's unknown what is behind these doors, but at the mount Chiliad there are mysteries, the answers to which could be behind these doors. Although, maybe it's just the texture of doors in normal tunnel. The truth is out there.
GTA 5 Tunnel in mount Chiliad

References to the previous games in the GTA series

In GTA 5 there are a huge number of references to the previous parts of the GTA series, here are some of them:
  • In GTA V can be found Packie Mcreary character from GTA IV committing a robbery. He can be helped to escape, and then he can take part in missions with the robbery. However, being able to robber, Patrick requires substantial pay for his work.
  • During the first robbery Lester mentions East-european from liberty city, which went quiet. It probably goes about Niko of GTA IV and, thus, he is retired or dead.
  • you Can see how Jimmy is looking at a page of Niko Bellic on Lifeinvader, sitting at the dining table.
  • There are several 50$ bills in Yellow Jack bar hanging on the wall behind the counter. On these bills placed image of Rochell'le from GTA San Andreas.
  • In the house of Franklin in Vinewood Hills you can notice records of OG Lock and Madd Dog, characters from GTA San Andreas.
  • Chamberlain Hills has a graffiti with the words "Welcome Back - We missed you last time," made in green colors of gang from Grove Street. It is obvious reference to GTA San Andreas - previous part of the GTA, the action of which takes place in Los Santos.
  • Sometimes people who are pulled out of cars say "I'm moving to Vice City!".
  • On the Radio Los Santos is the song "Smoke and Ride". Perhaps this is a reference to Big Smoke and Ryder from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • You Can find a few arcade automats QUB3D from GTA IV.
  • Bruice Kibbutz, character of GTA IV has an account in Bleeter(which is ingame analog of Twitter). As the story progresses there will appear new messages.
  • In the mission Hood Safari on the turn to Grove Street, you can notice three bicyclists on BMX-Oh, they are very reminiscent of C.J., Sweet and Big Smoke while on a mission Sweet & Kendl from GTA San Andreas.

References to other games

In GTA 5 there are references to other games like Red Dead Redemption, Halo and Dead Island.

Rockstar Games could not ignore its popular game about Wild West, Red Dead Redemption. on the bookshelf in the Franklin's apartment, you can find a book called "Red Dead" under the authorship of a J. Marston. Perhaps it meaning the son of the main character of Red Dead Redemption Jack, who loved to read and once said that maybe he'd write a book someday. There is Cholla Springs Avenue Armadillo Avenue in Sandy Shores it is explicit reference to the RDR, where there are cities with same names.

In GTA 5 there are a couple of references to the Halo. on the street near Cinema Doppler it's possible to meet a man in a suit, like the Master Chief, which is actively photographed by tourists. Also in the house of Lester in the pantry on the shelf are a few figures among which are the Master chief (also Superman, Black Adam, and, presumably, Han Solo; in a box under a shelf lies a copy of the caliburs). Strictly speaking, the figure and the man in the suit are references to a cartoon "Republican space Rangers" from GTA IV, which, in turn, is the allusion to Halo. This animated series can be watched on TV in the GTA 5 too.

In GTA V you can see posters and TV commercials, advertising the television show "Rehab Island", whose logo is very similar to the logo of game Dead Island. But instead of the top of palm trees there is a sheet of marijuana.

  • There is Elysian Fields Freeway in GTA V, this is a reference to another game from Rockstar Games, L. A. Noire in which there is a construction company Elysian Fields - local evil Corporation.
  • During the mission, the Play Blitz Trevor says: "At least we're not dressed like Clowns." Apparently this is a hint at Pay Day where robbers wearing a mask of clowns.
  • In a mission with yoga is the task "Praise the Sun!", obviously this is a reference to the game Dark Souls which is a gesture with same name, a few similar to pose yoga appropriate to the task.
  • On the radio you can hear discussion about medications, and among the medications mentioned Zombrex, unpopular among the sick. This is a reference to Dead Rising, where Zombrex - a means of preventing you from becoming zombies.
  • There are generators in GTA 5, color scheme of which is copied from the Claptrap from Borderlands
  • In-store Sub Urban you can buy "Flamingo Shirt", the shirt worn by the main character of Max Payne 3. by the Way, with a beard and shaved and in this shirt Michael is very similar to Max Payne.

References to movies

Such references are not always obvious and visible, but their presence makes the game special. Some allusions are just a phrase, other images, and there are entire plot and outplot scenes.
On the crest of one of the mountains in GTA 5 in the interval from 19:00 to 20:00 you can watch red convertible with three sides of which the cliff, and from the fourth helicopter and several police cars. When police officer approaching to it convertible suddenly accelerates, falls into the gorge and explodes. That's a pretty accurate reproduction of the final scenes of the movie "Thelma and Louise".

Machine bond in GTA 5
After the Commission of a carjacking for Devin Weston on the ingame website you can buy a car JB 700 per 475000 $. This car is somewhat modified Aston Martin DB5 from the third James Bond film, "Goldenfinger". In the name of the machine is a refference to the hero of Ian Fleming - JB are the initials of James Bond, 700 deployed code number 007. The same vehicle, only equipped with weapons, asks to steal Devin Weston, and when you do this job, you can see the number of the car - '4G3NT' (AGENT). By the way "Agent" is also the title of the game which now employs Rockstar Games.

GTA 5 a reference to the movie the No country for old men
One of the country roads in GTA V leads to the hill, on which you can observe the results of the gang shootout - 5 cars and wounded and killed lying on the ground. If you go down the hill, you can get another one wounded man, and beside him the case with $25,000. This is an allusion to the movie "No country for old men" the plot of which about the protagonist finding a large sum of money at the place darted off drugtrade, which ended in the fact that bandits killed one another. It looks very similar to a movie scene: cars and etc, even such a detail as a corpse of dog has not remained without attention.

GTA 5 a reference to the movie Jackie brown
Floyd's apartment is very similar to the Melanie's apartment from the film by Quentin Tarantino "Jackie brown". Identical layout and the same except for the color solution of interiors leave no doubt that Rockstar Games specially created this similarity. It may even be seen as a tribute to the master of criminal genre cinema.

GTA 5 Trevor - Jack Torrance, a reference to the movie The Shining
In one of the shops you can find a jacket "Overlooked red blouson". This jacket is very similar to one that was worn by Jack Torrance in "The Shining". Moreover the hotel, which was in the film was called the Overlook Hotel. By the way Trevor in this jacket is very similar to the Nicholson's character.

GTA 5 sunroof under water, a reference to the series of staying alive (Lost)
In GTA 5 on the seabed you can find a large mysterious hatch, from rectangular window of which comes the light. If you swim to the hatch too close, there will be instant death. Nothing is known about it, it might just be a reference to the series "Lost" although the series hatch was in the jungle and not under water.

GTA V robbery, a reference to the movie Heat
Robbery of an armored car using a tow truck for ramming the armored car stopped cause of blocked road is a reference to the film "Heat", where was committed identical robbery.

GTA 5 a reference to the film Lethal weapon 2
In mission Marriage Counseling Michael binds rope of his car to the support of the house-on-stilts, where hides Michael's wife's lover, and then destroys the house, pulling the support. This scene is similar to the scene of the destruction of houses in the second part of "Lethal weapon".
For comparison: playthrough the mission "Marriage Counseling" and video from the movie:

GTA 5 1.21 gigawatts, a reference to the movie Back to the future
On many doors of transformer boxes there is an inscription "1.21GW". One whole and twenty-one hundredth of one gigawatt, such power needed to move in time in the trilogy "Back to the future."

GTA 5 list of machines, a reference to the movie gone in 60 seconds
In GTA V a list of the 5 machines, which are planned to hijack is written with matter, that  can be seen only by using black light bulb. The same list but much more was in the movie "Gone in 60 seconds" (2000) with  Nicolas Cage.

GTA 5 the sightseeing bus
During a Vinewood tour one of the last stops will be the building of the municipality and the guide say that it appears in the twenty minute air combat in the finale of the film "Invasion: Los Santos". The name is a reference to the film "Battle of Los Angeles and the long dogfight in the final of the "independence Day". Both films are about alien invasion.

GTA 5 a reference to the movie Ghostbusters
When Franklin first time meets Omega, you can notice that the Omega holds the device that is very similar to a Psychokinetic Energy Meter (P.K.E. meter) from "Ghost Busters". After completing all the missions of the cult Epsilon will be available the mission, in which you can run around with this device.

  • Mission The Big One this is a reference to the film "The Italian Job"
  • Sometimes after killing the enemy Trevor shouts phrase from the movie "Big Lebowski": "You're out of your element."
  • In skatepark on one of the ramps is written catch-phrase of the "Star trek" - "Beam Me Up!"
  • During the taxi ride ask driver to speed up, and he will answer with the words from "Jurassic Park": "Hold on to your Butt!"
  • In a mission with Barry during the fight with clowns in the background plays music from the scene with clowns from the movie "Big adventure Pee Wee"
  • In GTA 5 you can buy a jacket that looks like jacket of main character of movie "Drive" but instead of a scorpion on the back is a crab