Review of the first game GTA 1

Grand Theft Auto 1
Grand Theft Auto was the first computer game of the end of the 20th century, in which the principle of freedom of choice was realized. The player was free to choose further developments: to follow the classic script or create his own, travelling freely through the game world. Freedom of choice in the virtual space has become an innovative solution of that time and the game has got a guaranteed growth of increasing popularity.

Players had to start a new life as a criminal who tries to survive in the criminal world of 1990s. Assassinations, robberies, the struggle for power and money are now commonplace events which with every level of the game gain new colors.

Below you can read the review of this game and its history. Also on our website you can download GTA 1.

Realism of GTA 1: pros and cons

The possibilities of computer technologies of the 20th century left much to be desired. In this regard, the game developers did not make a strong emphasis on graphical effects. For normal launching of 2D-games gaming platform with a processor with 100 MHz, video card with 1 MB of memory and 16 MB of RAM were enough.

The realism of the game world was achieved through non-traditional  approach of 1990s. Developers of GTA carefully studied and analyzed the criminal activity of that time. The obtained data were the basis for creating a unique scenario reflecting the existing reality.

An effect of entering the game area was enhanced through the use of existing cartography. Game developers took New York, Miami and Los Angeles as a basis. In the world of Grand Theft Auto they became known as Liberty City, Vice City, San Andreas.

Few players thought about who exactly was involved in speaking speeches for characters of Grand Theft Auto. Among the speakers there are very interesting and very well-known personalities - John Hill, Mile Madsen, James Woods and many others.

The Plot of GTA 1

It is the classic scenario: a player earns the right amount of points and moves to the next level with advanced gaming features. Points in GTA 1 are money. It can be spent on a variety of services and entertainment, delaying the completing the level for a long period of time.

Characters earn money by participating in the life of the criminal world. Their number depends on the severity of the crime. For example, killing a police officer brings 1,000 points, and ramming cars can bring only 10 points.

There is no need for players to follow the scenario. The player is free to do whatever he wants: to choose any route to take, any colour of the car, to find entertainment and to follow his own principles. Nevertheless, to get new abilities and bonuses it is better to follow the instructions of developers.

The character in GTA 1 gets new job using the telephones. They are scattered throughout San Andreas, Liberty City and Vice City. Missions are so various and eventful that you won’t be bored. Participation in the disputes between criminal bosses, bank robberies may attract the attention of the police and lead to unpredictable consequences.

If you have any difficulties with the passage, we invite you to see and use the codes for GTA 1.

Weapons and vehicles

Grand Theft Auto 1
The first GTA players mostly use simple weapon. It includes grenade, gun, flame thrower, machine gun and a bulletproof vest. Extra lives, score multiplier, the key to the prison are available as an extra bonus. Players can also pick up a "cop bribe" or use the police head to reduce the attention of law enforcement.

Character attracted the attention of the police in any way, hits pedestrians, participates in shootings and other illegal activities. If the player doesn’t manage to escape from police officers, then he will lose the weapon, multiplier points, armor or will be killed for resisting the arrest.

Players can use hundreds of civil and office vehicles that can be easily stolen. Taking the type of character activity into account, no car will be driven for long.

Depending on the model, the car is able to withstand 20 to 40 shots from a gun, and then it explodes.

Interesting Facts: unfulfilled ideas

The first version of Grand Theft Auto came out in 1997. Only by March of 2011 very interesting details about the final stages of development came to the surface. According to unconfirmed information, in 2011, documents were published showing that the game could get the title of Race Chase. What fact had a decisive influence on choosing the present title remains a mystery.

In the period from 1997 to 2008 GTA 1 appeared on different continents, adapted for 4 gaming platforms - Windows, MS-DOS, Game Boy Color, PlayStation. Initially the idea was to release GTA, which also would be adapted for the Nintendo and Sega Saturn. This idea wasn’t fulfilled.

Official releases

As time passed by telecommunication systems began to develop and the official and fan sites of the first GTA gradually formed. With the help of their interface, users were able to share information about upcoming releases almost instantaneously. Some inaccurate rumors and speculation of incompetent people spoiled the effect a little bit.

The situation changed when developers made official statements about the issue of adapted versions of the game for different platforms. For many years specialists from companies Tarantula Studios, Visual Sciences and DMA Design (which is now known as Rockstar North, Leeds) worked on them.

Official releases of the first GTA for Windows and MS-DOS were held in 1997 in Europe, 1998 - in America, 1999 - Japan. From 1997 to 1998 a version adapted for the PlayStation was gradually introduced. For Game Boy GTA was released a little bit later - in 1999 in America and in 2000 in Europe. The most recent release was STEAM-version, which appeared for MS-DOS and Windows in 2008.

Due to the high realism and criminal events in the plot of the first GTA publishers and developers had to work very hard to obtain the right to distribute it among the game community. The game has been assigned age restrictions with the categories of "15+" to "18+" according to research rating systems of BBFC, ELSPA, OFLC.

After obtaining the necessary rights GTA 1 began to spread actively and gained popularity with impressive speed, bringing success and multi-million dollar profit to their producers. The success of the first part of the game served as the basis for the production of series of 2D and 3D versions of GTA, which are very popular nowadays.