GTA Vice City cheats

GTA Vice city is a new game in the series of popular PC and Xbox 360 GTA games. The series was released in 2002. However, it is one of the most popular games at the present time.

Here is the plot of this game: you get to eighties of the 20th century, where you merge with criminal gangs and various criminal groups in the Vice city. Vice city is a city that was invented by the creators of the game in Miami.

This is a very interesting and addictive game, but passing it without cheat codes for GTA Vice City is pretty difficult. But with the certain GTA Vice city cheat codes you will be able to pass this game faster. They will help you to continue the different missions of the game, give you extra weapons, health and transport.

In addition to GTA Vice City cheats the Easter eggs game will also help in this game, which we offer you on our website. If you cannot finish the game the first time, don't despair – the cheats for GTA Vice city will definitely help you to do this.

Cheat codes for GTA Vice city Xbox 360

Cheat codes for GTA Vice city you can use both for the full version on PC and games on the console. Cheat codes for GTA Vice city Xbox 360 also help players get more health, weapons and machines.

As in the game GTA 4, the creators of GTA Vice City have not provided money cheats for GTA Vice City. However, to get money in this game you can using almost all the same ways as in other games of the GTA series.

All the cheats for GTA Vice city can be used at any moment of every mission of the game. To use the code, it is necessary to activate it. After using it, the code can be deactivated. But remember – not all the cheats can be disabled after you activated it.

All GTA Vice City cheats

General Cheats

PRECIOUSPROTECTION — get 100% armor.
ASPIRINE — get 100% health.
THUGSTOOLS — set of weapons killer-sadistic.
PROFESSIONALTOOLS — a set of professional weapon for murder.
NUTTERTOOLS — set weapons for crazy madman.
LEAVEMEALONE — decrease Wanted Level

Characters' Cheats

ONSPEED — Tommy moves faster.
BOOOOOORING — Tommy goes slower.
FANNYMAGNET — all women like you.
SEAWAYS — code for a ride on the water.
NOBODYLIKESME — people hate you.
CERTAINDEATH — makes you smoke a cigarette.

Vehicle Spawn Cheats

PANZER — tank.
THELASTRIDE — Romero's Hearse.
RUBBISHCAR — Trashmaster.
GETTHEREQUICKLY — old race car.

Cars Cheats

COMEFLYWITHME — cars can fly.
GREENLIGHT — all the traffic lights are green.
MIAMITRAFFIC — accelerate urban traffic.
TRAVELINSTYLE — Lightweight cars.
BIGBANG — explode all cars in sight of the player.
WHEELSAREALLINEED — wheels are the only visible car parts

Weather Cheats

APLEASANTDAY — clear weather.
ALOVELYDAY — romantic weather.
ABITDRIEG — cloud weather.
CATSANDDOGS — rainy weather.

Miscellaneous Cheats

LIFEISPASSINGMEBY — increase game time speed.
FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT — the people start to fight each other.
OURGODGIVENRIGHTTOBEARARMS — give people weapons (dangerous!)

Codes to change the skin of the player

STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP - code on the cyclic change of skin players with any of peds.
LOOKLIKELANCE — skin lance.
MYSONISALAWYER — skin lawyer.
ROCKANDROLLMAN — skin Rock'n'Roll man.
ONEARMEDBANDIT — skin "one-armed bandit".
FOXYLITTLETHING — skin mafia daughter.
WELOVEOURDICK — skin "Scotsman".

Easter eggs in GTA Vice City

Here are a few Easter eggs, that you also can use while playing the GTA Vice city game.

A big Easter Egg

On the second island you need to look for the helipad (the building of the Vice City-News Station). To get there, use the window on the wall of the building on the right. Tommy (the character) jumps into this window off the roof of a helipad. Here you will find an Easter egg on which the wish of a happy Easter is written.

Grow \ Shrink Moon

During a full moon shoot it with your sniper rifle. After each of your shot, the moon will increase and decrease.

In addition, the game Vice city GTA has the secret cars. Here is a list of cars and methods for their obtaining.

Secret cars in GTA Vice City


It's a bulletproof car, which can not destroyed by explosions and fires, and also it has tires that are impossible to break. Steal this car from Diaz in mission England keepers. To do this, open the fire and let all the Haitians run away. Diaz will flee and leave the car unlocked. Thus the car will become yours.

Romero's Hearse

To obtain it you just need to preserve this car in the mission Avery's Two Bit Hit mission. Just make the driver ran away.

Love Fist Limo

This limousine is in the Love Fist mission. To get it, just complete the mission successfully.

Spand Express

Get this truck after it crashes into a wall in the mission Jury Fury mission

Sabre Turbo

In the Malibu mission The Driver we can get this fireproof armored car. Close to the Sabre Turbo there is a race, take part in it. When the driver leaves the car, you can take it and deliver to the garage.

Banshee, Cheetah and Infernus

This fireproof and bulletproof is in the Terminal Velocity mission. To obtain this car, as well as the previous one, you need to take part in the race. This race takes place near the Banshee. After the race, shoot the driver and he will flee. Took the car away.