Humane Raid

The Humane Raids, GTA Online
The Humane Raids is the third heist in the Heists update. This work offered by Agent 14 again. This time players will have to infiltrate the Humane Labs and Research facility to find the tracers of chemical weapon production. This heist again requires the crew of four. Heist divided in five setup missions and one final mission. While the setup missions the crew will have to get access codes to the labs, couple of armored cars, heavy military chopper, EMP-device and once all this complete take the EMP-device to the Humane Labs facility.

Players required: 4
Set-up cost: $54000

Mission bounty:

UnlockablesMammoth Hydra, Buckingham Valkyrie, Insurgent, Insurgent Pick-Up, Nagasaki Dinghy
Unlockables itemsNight Vision, Rebreather
AchievmentsParole Day

Elite challenges:
  • complete the final mission in less than 11 minutes
  • vehicle takes less than 2% damage
  • no ones gets wasted
Completion of the elite challenges is not just for fun, it does also will receive to you an extra $100000. And as for reward for all the elite challenges of Heists update you will get a special T-shirt.

The Humane Raids walkthrough

It is, perhaps, first heist that may become a real challenge for the players. Especially for an unprepared team. Main target is Humane Labs and Research facility, secret and well secured object which located deep in mountains near by south-east coast of Los Santos. The crew will have to act quiet and by night.

Set-up mission - Key Codes

In this set-up mission the crew will have to meet agent Karen Daniels from IAA. She must pass the key codes to the crew. Players divided in two teams: first team goes to the meeting with the agent and second team takes position on the roofs in case things go wrong.  
Soon things go exactly wrong. The whole army of FBI agents attacks the crew, agent Daniels run away, lets the player fight with FBI agents. In fact all that players have to do is kill all the agents, pick up the key codes and escape the pursuit.

Set-up mission - Insurgent

For a successful attack on the labs needed two armored vehicle. The Insurgents, that tested by Merryweather is well suited. Insurgents placed in quarry west from Sandy Shores. The crew act together now. The best way to get the vehicle is clearing the territory by sniper rifles; however, there is nothing that prevents you from goes in the quarry with the couple machineguns or just kills all the guards quietly with silent weapon.
Once you get the vehicle just bring them to destination point. It`s actually not so easy because Merryweather will bring all their units to intercept.

Set-up mission - EMP

EMP-device aren`t a thing that you can just buy from the store. So to get it you`ll have to make a sortie to a carrier and theft the battle-plane Hydra which fitted with EMP-device you need. In this mission players again will act as one team. All the players take the boat and head to open sea to the carrier. Once the crew get on the carrier they`ll start to fight their way to the flight deck. Then, when the players get through, they get in the fighters plane. It would be better if the Hydra takes by most experienced pilot. The task for the fighter is defending Hydra while it flies to the meeting point.  

Set-up mission - Valkyrie

The crew will have to visit Merryweather again this time to steal the military chopper. In this mission security will be even stronger than in previous mission. Players which act together again should clear up the territory carefully before they move to the chopper. Once the Valkyrie takes off the Merryweather choppers immediately rush to intercept. Players must shut them down at once because only three rockets hits will destroy the Valkyrie. Also players better to be feared by snipers that will spawn all the time until the crew finishes the mission.  

Set-up mission - Deliver EMP

Now the crews need to deliver EP-device, removed from Hydra, in to the labs. This mission has to complete quietly. Should beforehand take care about that all your weapon will equipped by suppressor. It is so important because if players will be spotted mission will fail immediately. Also there is a timer, you`ll have to complete all the tasks in 10 minutes. One of the players will be given control over the security cams, so it`s can makes things easier.

The crew goes to the labs on the armored cars. The timer will start as soon as players reach the labs territory. First task is clear up the location without been spotted and then it is needed to crack the garage doors and leave the track with EMP inside. Remember all the guards must be killed by twos in order not to raise the alarm. After all the tasks is complete it`s needed only leave the territory quietly.

Walkthrough of The Humane Labs Raid

Finally all the preparations are over and there is another stealth-mission.  The crew divided in two teams: ground team and the chopper team (pilot and gunner). Once all the players take his spots in the chopper, pilot flies to the labs and hang far above them.  When the EMP-device is activate and the power in the facility shut down, ground team drop off from the chopper and land in the parking. The chopper team stays in the air and open fire on guards.

To go inside the facility it`s needed to blow up the control panel. The Sticky Bombs is perfect for this. After that ground team go deeper in to the facility, killing everyone on the way, until they reached the terminal with the combination lock. To open it players need to activate both key-cards at the same time. It`s turn out much easier if you`ll use the voice headset or similar device. When files downloading`s complete ground team have to go to the elevator, continuing to kill everyone on the way, and go down to the cooler system. Then players wear the Rebreathers and swim through the tunnel until they reach the way out. One of the players signals the chopper with flare-gun.

It is important: the place, where chopper supposed to be landing is very thin, so the pilot have to be able land the chopper without crush down the ground team.

When the crew will rose up to the air, another group of Merryweather choppers will attack the players. Defend yourself with two miniguns and rocket launcher all the way back to the meeting point.

  1. Get in the Valkyrie.
  2. Reach the drop point.
  3. Land in the parking.
  4. Blow up the control panel.
  5. Reach the right labs.
  6. Activate the terminal and download the files.
  7. Reach the elevator.
  8. Reach the tunnel.
  9. Swim to the exit.
  10. Signal to the chopper.
  11. Destroy attacking choppers.
  12. Reach the meeting point.
  1. Get in the Valkyrie.
  2. Reach the drop point.
  3. Defend the perimeter.
  4. Destroy attacking choppers.
  5. Reach the meeting point.
  1. Get in the Valkyrie.
  2. Head to the drop point.
  3. Patrol the perimeter.
  4. Destroy attacking choppers.
  5. Bring the crew to the meeting point.

Mission will be failed if all the players will be killed or the Valkyrie will be destroyed.