Fleeca Job

Fleeca Job in GTA Online
It`s first available mission in Heists update. Lester`ll call you and ask you to meet him in his warehouse. There he`ll tell you that he had a pretty good idea about some work to do. He`ll call you again when the heist is ready to start. You also can call him by yourself in order to start the coop-mission.

Now you will be able to start the heist in your apartment. To create a new lobby you must have a 12 rank and have a high-end apartment. But you can join the lobby with 1-st rank or higher.
In The Fleeca Job heist you at first need to disable the bank security system. Then you need a fast armored car. After the final part of the heist you`ll be need to drive to the evacuation point where the Cargobob will pick you up.

Players required: 2
Set-up cost: $11500

If you're play as Heist Leader for the first time ou don't have to pay set-up cost..

Mission bounty

UnlockablesKuruma, Kuruma Armored
Unlockables itemsGas Mask, Earpiece

Elite challanges:
  • end the final mission in less than 5:20
  • take the car no more than 6% damage
  • don`t get crew members killed
As a reward for complete the Elite Challenges you will receive $100000. Remember that if you succeed all the Elite Challenges in all Heists you`ll receive an exclusive T-shirt.

The Fleeca Job walkthrough

The Fleeca Job walkthrough
Your target is Fleeca Bank that placed near by Great Ocean Highway in the west of the island. Doesn`t seem like hard job. There`s only a two man required to this heist. There`s a two setup-missions and the final heist.

Setup-mission «Scope Out»

Setup-mission «Scope Out»
Lester borrows you his car to a little reckon raid and will explain to the crew his plan. This mission is a quite easy so don`t bother yourself. As you find out all you need go back to the Lester`s warehouse and pick-up his assistant Paige. Now you need to hack the bank security system. Upload the virus-program to the security system and go back to the warehouse.

Setup-mission «Kuruma»

Setup-mission «Kuruma»
As Lester said you`ll be need a fast armored vehicle. There is one of what you need, a rally car Kuruma, but it`s owned by some Korean mobsters, somewhere in Little Seul. Take your masks, guns and go to car. You`d better go for some silent action. However it`s might become a kill-they-all mission. You`ll anyway have to head back to the warehouse with whole lot of angry Koreans on your tail.

The Fleeca Job`s final walkthrough

The Fleeca Job`s final walkthrough Hacking the security system of the Fleeca Bank in GTA Online Drilling the deposit box #167 in Fleeca Bank
This is a heist as it supposed to be. One of the crew members become a Driller so other become a Driver. The Driller has to drill the deposit box №167 and the Driver has to watch for the witnesses and bank employers. After the deposit box been drilled pick up all the money and headed to the pickup point, where the helicopter will be awaits.

Escaping the cops after Fleeca Bank heist Escaping on the Cragobob chopper Successful ending of Fleeca Bank heist
The missions will be fail if: the Driver fail being picked up by helicopter, one of the witnesses has died, teller hits the alarm button, every player killed.

Driller objectives:
  1. Unlock the vault door by the phone.
  2. Wear the mask.
  3. Enter the bank.
  4. Enter the vault.
  5. Drill the deposit box. Don`t melt the drill while working.
Driver objectives:
  1. Wear the mask.
  2. Wait for the Driller unlocks the vault doors.
  3. Take the Driller to the vault.
  4. Shoot off the cameras.
  5. Watch for the witnesses and bank employers.
  6. Wait for the Diller drill the deposit box.
  7. Move fast to the pickup point.
  8. Drive straight under the Cargobob.