The Bureau Raid

The Bureau Heist
The next heist of single mode GTA 5 is raid straight to the very FIB building! An old "friend" of Michael, FIB agent Dave asks, or rather urges the team to steal a disk with incriminating data from the FIB office. It is clear that all four of them, Dave and the team, has long been in the same boat, so you can't give it up.

This heist also has two variants of passage. You can play the professionals: sneak in the building under the guise of a janitor, set the bombs, then when they explode, get inside, disguised as firemen, and steal a data disc.

The second method isn't as elegant: it's just need to parachute on the roof of the building, break a couple of security systems, shoot the defending guards, blow up a helicopter with a rocket launcher and escape on the rescue ambulance.

Of course, everyone has different variants of passage of the preparatory mission. Please see more details in the detailed review and the passage of The Bureau Raid.

The Bureau Raid walkthrough

In this mission, the crew will have to make a daring raid on the headquarters of the FIB in Los Santos, that would get the data disk, compromising Dave Norton. The mission has two variants of passage that are very different from each other, and also a large number of preparatory tasks.

Cleaning Out the Bureau

Cleaning Out the Bureau - I need your clothes and documents
In order to get into the FIB building, without attracting attention, we'll need a key card of the cleaner. Take Lester and go to the exit from the Parking lot under the Bureau building. Cars will drive by you, our task is to check their license plates until you find the car. Then follow after it, to the cleaner's house. When he goes to his apartment, go after him, take away the form and omissions and go back in your car. It may be quite hard to wait till the car will appear from the FIB building. It will be fourth or fifth car.

Architect's Plans

Aechitect's Plans - following target
Still, we need the plans of the FIB building. You can get them from the architect's portfolio. Going to the construction site and follow the man in a suit and a white helmet. Don't try to come close to him or someone else on the site will rise the alarm. However, it's not so bad. Run up to the architect, kick some shit out from him, pick up the briefcase and go away. If you'll follow the architect up to the high floors of the unfinishd building, you won't have to go back by the elevator: just use your parachute and glide back to the ground.

Fire Truck

Fire Truck
The next is a fire truck. Of course, if you want to infiltrate in to the building as a firecrew, you need a fire truck. Otherwise you will be kill or arrested in a minute! There is many different ways to obtain the fire truck: you may went to the fire station, ignite something and firecrew will arrive or simply call 911. Anyway, when the fire truck will be within reach, grab it and carry to the marker on the map. But please don't hurt the firecrew, at least they fight for lives of innocent people.

The Bureau Raid – Fire Crew

The Bureau Raid – Fire Crew - we don't need this building anymore The Bureau Raid – Fire Crew - dirty job The Bureau Raid – Fire Crew - blast in the Bureau
The Bureau Raid – Fire Crew - firefighters to the rescue The Bureau Raid – Fire Crew - it's time to get out of here The Bureau Raid – Fire Crew - and we did it!
Take control of Michael, who is already dressed like a janitor, and go to the FIB building. Quietly and without attracting attention, go up the elevator and begin to wash the floors, casually throwing a radio-controlled bomb all over the place. Once you're done, go back down, exit the building and blast the bombs by using your phone.

The control switches to Franklin. On a fire truck and with the whole team on board hurry up to a call. At the foot of a burning building you will met Michael, who gets into a fire truck and dressed as a fireman. Then exit and run inside. Take the Elevator to the 49th floor. The building is already burning, smoke everywhere and can not breathe, so watch out for the oxygen meter in the bottom right of the screen. Have a little run up the stairs to the 53rd floor. When crew reached the server room, blow up the door and steal a data disc. Now it's time to go. Meanwhile, the building starts to fall apart right in front of your eyes. Follow Michael through the smoky and dark rooms and hallways, till "accidental" explosion stuns Franklin.

Now our task is to catch up with the rest of the team. Continue to move through the burning building, shoot off the agents that will appear on your path and who, apparently, does not seem to worry about the fire. Despite the flame chaos, the road here is straight – you won't get lost. When you catch up with Michael and the rest of the team, continue moving to the Elevator shaft. There you'll have to pretend to be a climber descending the steep mine on the rope. Once you've done with that, you'll only have to run to the exit of the building, then sit in the fire truck and drive to the marker on the map, destroy the fire truck, in order not to leave evidence, and riding another vehicle, heading home to Leicester to celebrate the victory.

The Bureau Raid – Rooftop Entry

The Bureau Raid – Rooftop Entry - there's a deal The Bureau Raid – Rooftop Entry - high you rise - soft you fall The Bureau Raid – Rooftop Entry - we're not welcome here
The Bureau Raid – Rooftop Entry - it's a trap The Bureau Raid – Rooftop Entry - and it's the exit The Bureau Raid – Rooftop Entry - cheers!
This variant of the heist have no tricky delights – we'll just jump on the roof, and hack the security system. First, go to the helicopter, which is on the roof of the buildings to the East of Los Santos. Wait till the helicopter rises high above the city and jump down. The main thing there is not to miss the roof.

Crew carefully brake the glass roof and gets to the 53rd floor. The server door is locked, so blast it and go inside. Following instructions from the hacker, connect the phone to the computer. There will be two non-challenging mini-games, first you have a minute to find a combination of numbers, with constantly changing numbers. Second to dial the desired combination, without having to click on the letters as they pass by the cursor.

When the data transfer is started, the security finally understand that the building has been infiltrated by hackers. Quite a serious attack will follow immediately, your task is to hold out until the data transfer ends. Hide behind cover, use grenades and heavy weapons and cover members of the gang. During the battle, it will show a short video in which Buzzard knocks out a helicopter that crashes into the building and explodes, causing extensive destruction. Now the way back is gone, so only one way out is to go forward. Make your way through dark corridors, killing all enemies on the way. Here, incidentally, are civilians. Do not touch them, if you do not want to ruin the Golden Medal.

When you reached the place where the helicopter crashed into a building, begin to descend on a rope, jumping over the outer wall of the skyscraper until we reach the bottom of the roof. Here we will find the same Buzzard. Two of his minigun can tear you in a little pieces in a second, so just dive for cover and try to knock the pilot by accurate shot, good that windshield is wide and helicopter pilot at a glance. When the helicopter is finished, again descend on the ropes, this time to the ground. There you'll have to kill several agents, then your driver will finally arrive on the ambulance. Great cover indeed! Sit in it and go to Franklin's home. It's time to drink a Cup or two after a hard work.

the Possible loss of the gang members

Daryl Jones, Hugh Welch and Norms Richards may die from the explosion during the fire, when the "quiet" version of the passage.


Gold medal

Getting gold medals in every mission is a prerequisite completion of GTA 5 at 100%.

Cleaning Out the Bureau

  • Check the numbers of all passing cars.
  • Not to allow the cleaner to get noticed.
  • complete a mission in less than 9 minutes.

Architect's Plans

  • Leave the construction site less than 45 seconds.

Fire Truck

  • Call the fire Department 911.
  • to Deliver a fire truck to the place without damage.

The Bureau Raid –Fire Crew

  • complete a mission in less than 18 minutes.
  • get Rid of persecution, retaining not less than 40% of oxygen.
  • to Wash all the floors in less than 3 minutes.
  • to go Down through the Elevator shaft in less than 30 seconds.

The Bureau Raid – Rooftop Entry

  • complete a mission in less than 19 minutes.
  • complete a mission with 70% accuracy.
  • Kill 20 enemies with headshots.
  • Not to kill civilians.
  • to Land in the center of the roof.
  • to Hack a computer in less than 45 seconds.


After this mission, Franklin will get some amount of money relative to the proportion of other members of the gang.

Unlockable content

The achievement of The Government Gimps, access to following quests for the storyline.

Mission will fail if:

  • Whosome of the gang members gets killed or arrested (except skriptovyh deaths of the gang members).
  • the Helicopter will be destroyed before the team landed on the roof (only the "loud" option).
  • Hacking the device will be destroyed.
  • You will be behind the team.