The Paleto Bay Heist

The Paleto Bay Heist
The next heist in single-player mode of GTA 5 is The Paleto Bay Heist. This time the team was again in serious trouble: they are pressed by FBI agents, and pressed, I must say, very tightly. The fact that the FBI "hires" our heroes to steal some toxic gas from terrorists. This would require expensive equipment and a helicopter for $2 million. Where Franklin, Michael and Trevor take the money? Already guessed? Of course: it is necessary to enclose a bank!
Set-up missions is quite simple: first you need to explore the scene of the future heist and to check how prompt the local police, then to steal a military truck, brim full of army equipment necessary for the job.

The robbery should certainly please fans of hardcore action, because it can turn into a real massacre, where you can feels like a Terminator, wielding a six-barreled gun. However, even with all this it is will not be easy to hide from the police with the money. Read more a detailed walkthrough of The Paleto Bay Heist.

Walkthrough of The Paleto Bay Heist

This is the third robbery of a single story by GTA 5. This time the team needed some money, as their "friends" FBI agents require another non-trivial task that requires serious funding.

Paleto Score Setup

The Paleto Bay Heist - exploration
Our goal is a small Bank in the provincial town of Paleto Bay, off the North coast of the San Andreas. First you need to reconnoiter the situation. Drive to Paleto and wait until Lester arrive on the bus. Then go to the Bank and take a good look around, gathering information for Lester. Then you will need to check how prompt the local police – shoot signalling in the rear of the Bank building and immediately go to the gas station. Soon several police cars will arrive and Lester will make their own conclusions. After this there is a small race straight to Sandy Shores. You can choose Trevor or remain on Michael (in this case, you will find an interesting dialogue with Lester). Task – to reach the headquarters Trevor Phillips Industries faster than opponent.

Military Hardware

The Paleto Bay Heist - armed confiscation
In this mission the player will need to attack the military convoy and steal the truck loaded with military cargo. Everything is quite simple: find a convoy on the map, follow him, and then kill all the military, sit in the truck and take him to the Trevor's headquarters (if it can called so). The guard at the convoy is not too serious, so no problems should arise. If you're still have problems with it, try to attack the convoy with the heave vehicles or put few sticky bombs on the road on front of the convoy in order to start a good ambush.

The Paleto Score

The Paleto Bay Heist - planning The Paleto Bay Heist - time to move on The Paleto Bay Heist - armed and dangerous
The Paleto Bay Heist - and let the Paleto Bay burn! The Paleto Bay Heist - armoured reinforcements The Paleto Bay Heist - success
The mission begins with the fact that the entire team is loaded in the van and going to the place, almost through the whole island, having fun by memories of the previous cases. Once team has arrived to the place, the first thing is drop Franklin near by shore, his task is to ensure that getaway boat will be on the spot, then go to the Bank and proceed to the robbery. Go to the Bank, put all the visitors and the guards on the floor until one of the members of the gang is busy with the vault door. It didn't take him long, so by the time the police arrive, all the money will be dense Packed in bags of the crew.
The most interesting part of the mission begins at the time of departure. Now we finally understand why this military cargo that we stole in the previous mission been so needed. Invulnerable to bullets VSS, a pair of guns and a minigun – that will help you to break through the dense lines of the attacking police. Make your way through the city, destroying everything in your path, but be careful – every hit on the bag of money reduces the amount of money, so try not to playing berserk. At some point when you get close to the railway station, the police will replaced by military, along with the tanks. It becomes clear that the original plan got shut down, so it comes time for plan "B".

The control switches on Franklin, who drives the bulldozer. Drive down the street, firing from the arriving soldiers, until you get to the rest of the team. Be careful: on the streets are many tanks, and you, with your bulldozer hardly can stand only one hit. Don't stop for a split-second.

When bulldozer gets to the defending robbers, those jumps in the bucket, now it's need to access to the train depot. It's full of soldiers too, but at least there are no tanks, and the VSS is still with you, so make your way deeper into the complex until you reach a platform. Wait for the arrival of the train and jump on it.

Possible losses of the crew members

Daryl Jones and Norms Richards, if their skills are low, will be killed by the police during the escape from the Bank.


Gold medal

Getting gold medals in all missions in career, is one of the conditions of passing GTA 5 100%.

Paleto Score Setup
  • to Arrive at the Bank in less than 3 minutes, 30 seconds.
  • to Reach the headquarters of Trevor first.
Military Hardware
  • Kill the five enemies with headshots.
  • to Stop the convoy bombs into the Velcro.
The Paleto Score
  • to Shoot at least 4000 bullets.
  • complete a mission with 50% accuracy.
  • complete a mission in less than 16 minutes.
  • to Put the city Paleto Bay damage of not less than $1 million.


Depends on the proportion of gang member and how much money you lose during the mission, but on average, can to be sure that you will get about 450 thousand dollars per person.

Unlockable content

The achievement of a Big deal in a small town, Small Town, Big Job), the Minigun is available in AmmuNation stores.

the Mission will fail if:

  • Someone from the team will die or be arrested.
  • the Van where the team gets to the places that will be destroyed.