Blitz Play

Blitz Play walkthrough
It's not a typical heist. Here you cannot select the way and the members of the gang, three main characters: Trevor, Michael and Franklin will have to do the whole thing. And the thing is: a kind and decent FBI agents authorize us to relieve from the burden of dishonest earned money of their colleagues from the IAA. Of course, all the costs and efforts are borne by the unchangeable Trinity. Who would doubt it?

The team itself will take care of everything. Michael will take over production suitable transport for getaway. That's gotta be something "quick and noiseless". Then you'll have to get the trash truck to block the road to the IAA vehicles. Also, nothing complicated. The next step is to get a tow truck, buy boiler suits and masks, and the team is ready to work!

Blitz Play walkthrough

This is a heist, organized at the request of old Michael's friend  – an FBI agent Dave Norton and his new chief Steve Haynes. This time you will need to make a raid on the bank armoured van. This mission have only one version of the passage, but as many as four preparatory mission.

Trash Truck

Trash Truck - steal trash truck
As the name implies, this task will need to steal a garbage truck. All is simple enough: find his location on a map, catch up and then hijack it. Once you are at the wheel of a garbage truck, you will immediately see two wanted-stars. To escape fast police cars on this slow and clumsy giant, it will be very difficult, so if you don't want the extra hassle, you can do this: get out of the truck and hide somewhere from the police, when the wanted-stars will disappear, climb back and drive the truck to the destination.

Boiler Suits

Boiler Suits - buy overalls
It's hardly can named a mission itself. All you need to do is to go to the AmmuNation store and bought three sets of appropriate clothing for each member of the team. You can buy the right clothes at any AmmuNation, which will be nearby. Unfortunately, you will not be reimbursed the money spent on special clothes. And dont forget to buy some extra armor and weapons, it will be quite useful in following mission. Muke sure that you are fully prepeared for what's awaits you there.


Masks - buy a masks
Another, perhaps the most basic in the game, the mission – buy three masks in a shop near Vespucci beach. You can select any mask in the shop, the selection here is quite large and depends solely on your imagination and sense of humor. Whatever you chose Trevor will still be laugh. Can, for any case, remember this place in case you want to buy himself a couple more funny masks for the next heist. Try to buy the most creepy mask in the shop. just in case it may scare police to the death.

Tow Truck

Tow Truck
In this task, you need to steal a tow truck from the Parking lot of the garage. Near the goal is a car, under the hood of which delves mechanic. He doesn't pay attention to you, as long as you do not sit in the tow truck, then he'll call the police. Quietly kill him, to avoid problems. After this all you need is only to take a tow truck to the destination.

Blitz Play

Blitz Play - mask Blitz Play - searching for target Blitz Play - shot!
Blitz Play - fierce battle Blitz Play - cleanup Blitz Play - final
Wearing bought special clothes and masks, the command is sent on the case. For a start, blocked the street by a trash truck. When the IAA van appear it will stop in front of the trash truck, the control will switch to Franklin, who drive the tow truck. Accelerate harder and slam van into the side of the collectors. When the van turn upside down, set the explosives on the backdoor and blow it up.

After that you'll see the police, lots of police. The team will take up a defensive position in a small alley. Switching between characters, kill attacking police, snipers on the roofs and in the end bring down the helicopter. The battle will be hot, so be prepared to real test. As all the attack repelled, get in the garbage truck. Now you need to lost wanted-stars. It is also not an easy task, but with due diligence issues should arise.

Now the control will switch to Michael, who will need to get to the mansion of Devin Weston, where the mission will end.


Gold medal

100% completion GTA 5 necessarily requires obtaining all gold medals in all missions in career.

Garbage truck (Trash Truck)

  • Complete the job in less than 5 minutes.
  • do Not damage garbage truck during the mission.
  • Develop maximum speed, driving a garbage truck.

Overalls (Boiler Suits)

  • to Buy overalls in less than 30 seconds.
  • Buy overalls in different colors.

Masks (Masks)

  • Buy masks in less than 20 seconds.
  • Buy three hockey masks.

Tow truck (Tow Truck)

  • Complete the job in less than 3 minutes.
  • do Not damage the tow truck at the time of the mission.
  • Develop maximum speed, driving tow truck.

Blitz game (Blitz Play)

  • Shoot down a police helicopter, driving Trevor.
  • Kill 12 enemies with headshots.
  • Complete a mission with 60% accuracy.
  • at least 10 times switch between team members during the mission.


At this time the team again will have no lack of gain.

Unlockable content

The passage of this mission opens access to following quests for the storyline.

Mission fails if:

  • some of the players will be killed or arrested.
  • You will uncover.