The Jewel Shop Job

The Jewel Store Job
First Heist in GTA 5 single player, is The Jewel Store Job. Michael has a big problem: he owes a serious amount of money to very serious person. So he asks for help from his old friend Lester. He, for old time's sake, decides to organize a good and not very troublesome thing, and here is suitable jewelry store turned up. Easy money.

It all starts with the exploration of the future crime scene. Michael, along with Lester come to the jewelry store. The player in the role of Michael, you need to go to the store and take off on a hidden camera installed in the glasses, security system and ventilation. After that you will need to climb on the roof of a neighboring building, and to explore the vents coming from jewelry.

Further options for passing separated: the first involves a quiet Heist, players will need to get sleeping gas, abducting plying on the highway the Humane Labs van and steal a van service disinfecting, in order to get to the store without attracting any attention. In this embodiment, all the staff and customers of the store will get fast asleep by gas, the team without interference collects all values and winded on motorcycles. However, the "quiet" plan still will not work – the police will sit on the tail, but to get rid of them will not be difficult.

The second way is loud. All that you will need to get assault rifles, but have to get them out of the police special forces truck. Not a walk, but nothing too terrible. The team breaks into a jewelry store with a front door, puts on the ground (in a good way) anyone caught inside, collect loot and just as quickly disappears, with the police on your tail.

The first heist in GTA 5 single mode begins when Michael gets himself into serious trouble on a soft spot. The fact is that in a fit of jealousy he brought down from the hillside house of his wife's new lover. But suddenly there is appear a little problem: the house did not belong to the lover, but a very serious person involved with the Mexican mafia. Not the best scenario for a "retired" Bank robber. So Michael had to revive old contacts and start preparing for a new job.

Casting the Jewel Store

Casting the Jewel Store
Grab Lester, Michael's old partner in crime business, and go to the jewelry store. First you will need to take a couple of photos of security systems, by means of glasses with a hidden camera. Then, when Lester will get all the necessary information, circle the block, get through the construction site and climb on the roof. There it's will need to find the highest spot and photograph the entrance to the ventilation system of the store. This information is enough for such a brain of the underworld as Lester, now he will be able to outline a good plan for a future robbery.

In robbery there are two ways of passing, which, however, are not too different from each other. Tell you about them in the queue.

Lester offers to put to sleep all the visitors and the guards, throwing a gas grenade into the ventilation system through the roof. After this it will only be taken out from the store all valuable and escape on motorcycles through the under-construction subway line. Of course before all this you need to get yourself a sleeping gas, and the van and the form of service of disinfection, as a disguise.

BZ Gas Grenades

BZ Gas Grenades
The van, with the gas inside it, runs on the highway. Just kill or stun the driver, take the van and moved it to the marker. But first have to get rid of the police. But if you want to achieve the gold reward, you will have too shoot the backdoors of the van to make the cargo drop off it on the ground. As you get the gas, police will start to chase you with two-star attention, not too dificult for a player but still can make some trouble.

Bugstars equipment

Bugstars equipment
The van of the service of disinfection is in the port of Los Santos, but under guard. Theoretically, you can steal it without attracting attention, if you want to get a gold reward for this job. In this case you'll have to go alongside the harbor and get in to the building, where the vans stays, from the back door. If you're not interested, then the mission will be much easier, after all, to get rid of one or two wanted stars really not that hard. Take the van and drive him to the marker.

The Jewel Store Job - Smart

The Jewel Store Job - Smart - подготовка The Jewel Store Job - Smart - закидываем гранату в вентиляцию The Jewel Store Job - Smart
The Jewel Store Job - Smart - первые проблемы The Jewel Store Job - Smart - погоня в недостроенном метро The Jewel Store Job - Smart - до цели еще чуть-чуть!
Now, everything is ready, assemble your team and move on. Franklin will throw the guarantor in the ventilation, and then the whole team burst into the store, take all that glitter and reeled. The police quickly responds to an alarm signal. Once you get on the bike, follow the team in to the unfinished metro line, just be careful: if someone from your team will break or fall off the bike – be sure to pick up his bag, otherwise your cut would be significantly lower. Yes, and it's very best not to crash yourself cause if you lost your crew the mission will over. At the exit of the tunnels police will be waiting. Deal with it, have the player, pushing police cars with heavy truck. However, in this mission, police is clearly haven't enough zeal to deal with the pursuit, so it will be easier. When you get rid of the police all you need is drop off the truck to the venue and split the money.

Carbine Rifles

Carbine Rifles
If the player decides not to bother with the sleeping gas and disguise, but simply to enclose the shop in the old fashioned way, all we need is to get the assault rifle from the police special forces van. Lester will inform the player about the location of the target by phone, you will only need to shoot the guards, to pick up the car and escape the righteous vengeance of the police. Nothing complicated, you've done this a thousand times already. After the preparatory mission, the team wears a mask, breaks into a jewelry store brandishing a firearm, and takes everything of value.

The Jewel Store Job - Loud

The Jewel Store Job - Loud - инструктаж The Jewel Store Job - Loud - пора за дело! The Jewel Store Job - Loud - обчищаем богатеев
The Jewel Store Job - Loud - главное - скрыться The Jewel Store Job - Loud - последний рывок The Jewel Store Job - Loud - успех
After the preparation mission, the team wears a mask, breaks into a jewelry store brandishing a firearm, and takes everything of value.However, the police of Los Santos knowingly eat their own bread - as soon as the happy gang members sit on the bikes, feeling the pleasant weight of good loot in the bags, police will start the chase. Once the control switches on you, followed the team to new metro. Be careful here: if someone from your gang will die (split or under the bullets of the police), will certainly grab his bag, otherwise your share will be significantly less. Himself, incidentally, is also best not to crash and not what not to run – if you get too far behind accomplices, the mission will have to start all over again. Overcoming the tunnels of the metro, you immediately face to face to meet with police. To deal with it will, of course, you, with the help of heavy-duty truck. Although nothing particularly wrong cops you will not do is to deal with the pursuit will not be too difficult. When hiding from pursuers, only to move to a safer place and wait until Lester will share the money.

Possible loss of the gang members

For "loud" and "quiet" ways, the best choice of the team will be the same: you need a good hacker and driver, gunner (Richards) is not so important in the mission, but if you take an inexperienced, he will most likely be lost during the chase. On the other hand, if you have time to pick up his bag, then your share will still be more.

The mission will fail if

  • Someone from the team will be killed or arrested.
  • You spend all that soporific grenades, and without getting into the vent.
  • Michael will not have time to get out of the store when he's working alarm.
  • Franklin will lag behind the rest of the team, during the retreat.


Production that can be obtained during the robbery, depends on many factors. The gang members that you recruit, ask different shares, you may collect not all jewelry in a jewelry store or someone from your team dies, buried together with him and some of the money. However, you can count on 200-300 thousand dollars at his brother.

Unlockable content

Assault rifle/Carbine (Carbine Rifle) and the tear gas become available for purchase at AmmuNation stores after the mission. After this mission open story missions for Trevor Phillips and, accordingly, the opportunity to play for him.

Gold awards

The run of gold medals you need to pass 100%. Gold awards each mission in the game, and their implementation will help you to get maximum pleasure from passing GTA 5.

Casting the Jewel Store
  • Take a picture of all security systems and ventilation in the store one frame.
  • Complete a mission in less than schA 8 minutes.
Bugstars Equipment
  • Going to steal the van without attracting anyone's attention.
BZ Gas Grenades
  • Shoot the doors of the van on the go to of them fell out the goods.
Crabine Rifles
  • Get away from the police in less than 2 minutes.
The Jewel Store Job
  • Finish the mission in less than 10 minutes 30 seconds.
  • Clean all the shelves in a jewelry store in less than 50 seconds.
  • Hitting all 20 counters in the store.
  • Protect Franklin during the chase in the drain channel.