The Big Score

The Big Score
The final Heist of single player GTA 5, it's a daring raid on the Federal Repository, full of gold. As you might guess, this is a robbery – the top of the criminal career of all its participants. So it can't be easy just by definition.

Here there are two variants of passage: "quiet" and "obvious". In the first case, we will need to organize an ambush on a convoy of armoured cars that driving to the Bank for its precious cargo and take the place of the collectors. After that you'll only have to play your role in order to pick up the gold from the vault. However, it won't be so nice and easy as Lester planned, so don't forget your assault rifle.

The second option is more difficult but also more interesting. First thing you need is a driller to pass to the vault through the walls, then you will need pick up the cells with gold to the helicopter and fighting with an army of guards to break through to the garage. Then you will have to lost the fascinating pursuit by five wanted stars. Even with shipping gold on helicopters not everything goes smoothly. Difficult, but more money will come.

Learn all about it in a detailed review and walkthrough of the mission The Big Score.

The Big Score walkthrough

It's not just a robbery, it's a Big Score! Lester says, "we're going to make history", namely to rob the Federal Repository filled with gold bars. This heist have two variants of completing, which differ not only by methods, but more by a reward: for a "quiet" passage you get a lot less money than "loud". But everything in order.

Surveying the Score

Surveying the Score - a goal within sight
Planning such a serious case, as a robbery of the Federal Repository is not a simple matter. The team is divided into two groups: Michael and Franklin will go to the store to evaluate protection, and Trevor with Lester will fly by helicopter to secure the route by which armoured cars moving. After the route becomes clear Lester will fly up to the neighboring underground to explore the unfinished tunnel, closely adjacent to the wall of the Bank vault. Before performing this mission you better practice in the management of helicopter, if you have not yet mastered this skill.


Stringers - obey and survive
For a "quiet" variant, we need road spikes that used only by police officers. So we need to steal a police van, stopped in the Parking lot of the police station. Follow the mark on the map, get into the parcel over the fence at the rear of the property. Then just hop in the van and leave. But try not to attract the attention of a guards, otherwise problems with the police are not to avoid! But if you will do the job quietly, this mission will become the most easier in whole heist. Shame thath you won't be able to save the police van, cause it's have a really good performance.


Gauntlets - prepare escape routes
The following task which is required for the "quiet" variant of the heist is a getting good gataway transport which might carry the weight of gold bullions. For this purpose, the perfect is muscle cars that standing in different places in Los Santos. The hacker will sent you whereabouts of the cars on your phone, find each of them and take to Los Santos Customs close to the International Airport. There you'll need to buy upgrades for the mission and drive the car in the garage nearby. Better, also, not to spare money and buy all you can for this Gauntlets. It'll become better for you.

The Big Score – Subtle

The Big Score – Subtle - planning The Big Score – Subtle - our new hostages The Big Score – Subtle - here's my license
The Big Score – Subtle - and here is the booty! The Big Score – Subtle - almost there The Big Score – Subtle - success
This variant of the mission will bring you less profit, but it'll be much more easier than the "loud" variant. At the beginning, go into the tunnel marked on the map, and set the road spikes. Soon there will be the vans. Once they hit the spikes, they will stop, and the team will take hostage of collectors. While the truck changed, Michael assigns a "volunteer" from the collectors to run them through Bank security. These unfortunate turns out to be a Cassie.
We reach the Bank and keeping a straight face, passing through the guard posts. Inside we were met by a Bank employee who will check the documents. Follow him into the vault. Trevor and Cassie take a truck loaded with gold, and push them to the trucks, where they continued to small talk with a Bank officer. Tension's began to rose, but it ends happily – trucks leave the territory of the Bank and head to the meeting place.
The control switches to Franklin. Here you will need, controlling the traffic lights, to hold the trucks through the city, don't let the Merryweather patrols of find them. Once the trucks are in the place, and that Cassie man gets what's he deserve, get ready for a serious attack of mercenaries from Merryweather. Defend yourself as long as the forces of the attackers runs out, use all available weapons and often switch between characters. When the last mercenary finds his untimely death under your bullets, get in the car and follow the rest of the team. You certainly have caught the tail of police cars, so don't forget to use Franklin's superpower, in order not to crash the car.
When the crew reached the tunnel go up straight to two trucks, with the lowered ramps. Drive on the ramps and inside, before the trucks gets outside the tunnel. Now you only have to wait until Lester is dealing with the sale of the gold.


The Driller - steal the driller
For "loud" variant, it will require industrial driller, used for subway construction. The machine is in construction site, as if for our convenience, placed on a platform truck. You haven't to hiding, if you're not afraid of a little confrontation with the police, but to get the gold award you must run quietly, without a fuss. Just try to shoot all within sight using quiet weapons, then sit in the truck and bring the driller to a point on the map. And try not to drive too aggressively, if you destroy the truck as well as a driller, mission will fail and you will have to start it all again.the

Getaway Vehicle

Getaway Vehicle - the car is delivered to the spot
This mission also required for the "loud" version of the passage. Any, quadruple and fast enough machine. For example it can be Tailgater, or better some muscle car such as Buffalo. Better not to spare money and to upgrade it as well as it possible, believe me, during the robbery, when you get five wanted stars and a whole army of police behind you, it will pay off. The car should be left in the Parking lot of the Bank. Remember where you left it, cause later, when you'll have to run off the police, this car will be your only chance to leave the place alive.


Sidetracked - steal the locomotive
Another necessary thing for the "loud" version of the mission, is the locomotive and the train platform, in order to take a trophy to save place. You'll start the mission as Michael. First you'll need to cut down two railway workers at the station and turn the switch. Do not make a fuss or the mission will fail! When the train will come to a deadlock branch of the path, the control will switch to Trevor. Driving a cargo Skylift helicopter, fly to the train, hook a locomotive and take him to the airfield in Sandy Shores. There you would put the locomotive on the platform of the truck. Then do the same to the railway platform.

The Big Score – Obvious

The Big Score – Obvious - planning The Big Score – Obvious - that they did not expect The Big Score – Obvious - prepare to defend yourselves!
The Big Score – Obvious - burst to the car The Big Score – Obvious - save the gold! The Big Score – Obvious - success
If you'd like to get some money as the game goes to its end – this variant of the final heist is for you. In the beginning, Michael with a part of the team distracts the attention of the Depository security, while Franklin wielding a driller in the subway tunnels. As soon as the wall of the vault collapses, quickly go inside and place bombs on the doors of the cells with gold. The SWAT team will begin to dwell with different sides, beat them, then roll carts of gold to the hole in the ceiling of the tunnel, where the gold will take by a helicopter.
Switch to Trevor and taking the helicopter out of the city, while everything is still quiet. Switch to Michael and fight your way through an army of policemen in order to connecting with a group of Franklin, and then moving toward the Parking lot where we left the getaway vehicles. It will be difficult to break, you will be attacked both from the ground and from the air, in huge quantities, and with great zeal. Get to the car and begin to get rid of the chase. How to do it? We suppose you know by yourself. You can just drive off into the sunset, leaving his pursuers far behind, and you can hide in an alley and wait there.
Once you get rid of the chase, the controls will again switch to Trevor. You need to take the gold in safe and sound to the moving train near Sandy Shores. The only problem is that in pursuit went several Buzzard helicopters. Fortunately, you have Lester, which is well managed with a rocket launcher. You only need to stand at a suitable angle of attack and to keep the chopper straight, until he shoots. After destroying all the enemy helicopters fly towards the moving train, and gently fold the load on the platform. Ready! Now you are big money! Go to the airfield in Sandy Shores to meet up with the team.

the Possible loss of the gang members

If Trevor will not be able to keep the helicopter straight and Lester, in turn, will not be able to shoot down attacking helicopters, during the final phase of the mission "Huge jackpot – Trivial approach, the pilot of the second helicopter, eventually, lose control, under the attacks of the opponents and will crash to the ground, leaving the team without a significant part of the production. Such pilots can be Luxury Martinez and Eddie Tou.

Karim Denz, too, may die, in both cases, the passage of a robbery.  During a silent passage, if his driving skills are low, he will break his Gauntlet during the escape and is arrested by the police.
In the "loud" version, if it leads to the second helicopter with gold and if his skills are low, it crashes into wind generators and die.


Gold medal

Gold awards, it is also one of the conditions for completion of GTA 5 at 100%. You need to get all gold medals on all missions, to accomplish this.

Surveying the Score

  • Follow the van, not looking up too far.
  • Find the hole in the earth in less than 20 seconds.


  • to Deliver all noted in the letter machine.
  • to Deliver the car without damage.
  • to Spend at least $17,000 in a modification of each machine.


  • to Steal the van and hide in less than 2 minutes 20 seconds.
  • to Deliver the van to the place without damage.


  • complete a mission in less than 5 minutes.
  • Not to attract anyone's attention.


  • Complete the mission in less than 4 minutes 30 seconds.
  • Not to make a fuss at the station.

The Big Score – Subtle

  • Kill 20 enemies with headshots.
  • No more than 9 times to switch the lights during mini-games.
  • complete a mission with 60% accuracy.

Huge jackpot – Trivial approach (The Big Score – Obvious)

  • Kill 20 enemies with headshots.
  • Immersing the container with the gold on the train in less than 30 seconds.
  • complete a mission with 60% accuracy.
  • complete a mission in less than 16 minutes.


Total production from the robbery of $200 million per team.

Unlockable content

Further missions in career achievement "a fortune!" (The Big One).

Mission will fail if:

  • Someone from the team will be killed or arrested.
  • the Helicopters lose a gold shipment (only "loud" way).
  • Patrols by Merryweather find vans gold (only "quiet" way).
  • Michael kills collectors in the tunnel (only "quiet" way).
  • Franklin is going to leave the team during the retreat (only "quiet" way).