Pacific Standard heist

Pacific Standard heist in GTA Online
It looks like Lester finally traces something really interesting. It is the robbery of the Pacific Standard bank in the middle of Vinewood. This is the five and final heist that added in the Heists update and it`s obviously won`t be easy. The heist divided on five set-up missions and one final mission and requires four players. The players will have to get all the necessary in not quite honest methods, but we are already used to, are we?

Players required: 4
Set-up cost: $100000

Mission bounty

AchievementsDead presidents

Elite challenges:
  • end up the final mission in less the 10:15 minutes
  • N.O.O.S.E. teams will not be arrived
  • no ones get wasted
For the elite challenges in this heist every player will receive the bonus in $100000. If the player complete all the elite challenges that can be complete in the Heists update he will awarded with an exclusive T-shirt.

The Pacific Standard walkthrough

Perhaps just such mission we waited from Heists update. It is a classic bank robbery, as though taken from Hollywood movie. So how it is the very last, most expensive (Heist Leader will have to pay a hundred tons as a set-up cost) and, of course, most difficult heist, team will have to prepare to the really serious trials. Don`t you forget to buy a body armor.  

Set-up mission - Vans

Set-up mission - Vans
The first that you`ll have to do is to find a special device that can disable the Pacific Standard dye packs. Such devices can be found in a Post OP vans. To figure out which of them are right players will have to scan the car number of all of them.  The crew divided on two groups, every group takes a car. The passenger uses the mobile app to track down the vans and says to the driver where to go. He will need to take a picture of every van. There is requiring the tuneful work so you hardly can do it without voice communication. When all the necessary pictures have done, Lester will point to the right van.    

Set-up mission - Signal

Set-up mission - Signal
The device is received, now it should be reconfigured to the right frequency. Lester knows only one man who can do it – Avi Schwartzman. But he is now in the run so it won`t be easy to rescue him.

Avi are hidden in the island to the North from Chumash town. The island is filled by policemen moreover it is not much hideouts. To make it easier you can land on the nearby small island and use the sniper rifles to clear up the way. And also don`t forget about the police chopper that fly above the island.

Once the Avi is rescue it needs to bring him to safety place. There is a suitable boat on the island shore. The safe place located nearby lake in the middle of Los Santos, it is better to get to it sailing up the river. You also have to reset the wanted level before you reach the point, otherwise, mission will failed.

Set-up mission - Hack

Set-up mission - Hack
How to rob the bank without appropriate equipment? Fortunately, you are not the only one crew of robbers in Los Santos. All you need is “borrow” such equipment from one of them.  

Once you`re came to Vinewood you almost at once will have to fight with enemy, which came with great number. The snipers in the roofs will are particularly dangerous. Once the last bandit has died take the equipment and put it in the white van, the crew will have to divide themselves on two teams. One of the players takes the white van and hide somewhere in quite place; other players will take the black van and act like a lure. Once all the enemies come after the black van, white van driver quietly take out the equipment in a safe place.  

Set-up mission - Convoy

Set-up mission - convoy
Now Lester will need the thermal charges in order to break through the Pacific Standard vault doors. And he knows where to get it. The crew will have to attack the Merryweather convoy and steal the truck with the thermal charges inside.

This mission will require maximum concentration, because the guards will arrive in great number and also there will be the assault chopper.

The ambush will take place on the breach. It`ll be better if player will arrive in four cars in order to block the road entirely. There is also important to destroy the assault chopper as soon as he appeared. If you let him come closer he shall not leave you any chances. But even without the chopper convoy guards are very seriously, so it won`t be undue to put the Sticky Bombs all around the breach. But don’t blow up the truck accidentally.

When all the guards had killed, take the truck and drive him to the warehouse. It`ll be better if only one player take spot in the truck and other get in the Merryweather transports in order to defend the truck.
Attack will continue all the way back to the warehouse so be prepared for some tough action.  

Set-up mission - Bikes

Set-up mission - Bikes
It is time to care about escape plane. Lester offers to steal four fast sport-bikes from The Lost bikers. They placed in The Lost MC clubhouse somewhere in Eastern Vinewood. All you need to do is just go, find and kill all the bikers, take the bikes and park them opposite the Pacific Standard bank.

While you drive the bikes to the point, the Losts will ambush you. So beware and don`t remove the weapons.  

The Pacific Standard Job walkthrough

The crew came by this moment for so long, that is ready for anything. The plan is simple: go inside the bank, kill the guards, take the money and drive away. Will it be so easy in practice?
Of course not. But all in good time. The players divided in to roles: Hacker, Demolition and the Crowd Control. After the cutscene that started when you reached the bank, first kill all the guards. Hacker and Demolition go straight to the vault and the Crowd Control start to control the crowd. There is blue bar appeared on the screen, if it drop too low the alarm will raise and mission will failed. To keep it normal aim to the hostages or shoot nearby them. But do not kill anyone!  If someone had killed the N.O.O.S.E. team has arrived and you don`t want to face them, and also the Elite Challenge will failed too. Do you need it?

Meanwhile, the Demolition blow up two grates, after that the Hacker hack the terminal, the closed door will open and the Demolition placed the thermal charges on the vault doors. When charges done their work, pick up all the money you`ll find.  

Collecting all the money the crew go outside the bank and face the whole army of the police, seems like they gathered all around Los Santos or even whole San Andreas.

Now it began the most difficult. The Hacker and the Demolition should remember that they are carry all the money in his backs and every hit reduces the amount of money that the crew receive in the end. It will be quite difficult to go through all the police without the heave weapon, so don`t be shy to use rocket launchers and machine guns. The Crowd Controls should go forth in order not to put Hacker and Demolition under the bullets.

Also there is no need to use stolen bikes. Yes, the bikes are fast and better behave on the ground, but you are completely defenceless on it. So if you find some sort of sport-car or so, it`d be better to use it instead.  

It will be difficult to escape the chase. Still after all you have a police of the whole state on your tail! There is also a timer so you have to do it all fast. Just try to reach the marker alive. If you came to the Dinghy in time the mission will complete and you`ll finally receive a good money.

  1. Reach the Pacific Standard bank.
  2. Go inside.
  3. Kill the guards.
  4. Control the crowd.
  5. Regroup at the exit.
  6. Go outside.
  7. Head to the marker.
  8. Reach the canyon.
  9. Reach the breach.
  10. Jump from the cliff and parachute down.
  11. Get in the boat.
  12. Sailing to the open sea.
  1. Reach the Pacific Standard bank.
  2. Go inside.
  3. Hack the terminal.
  4. Pick up the money.
  5. Regroup at the exit.
  6. Go outside.
  7. Head to the marker.
  8. Reach the canyon.
  9. Reach the breach.
  10. Jump from the cliff and parachute down.
  11. Get in the beat.
  12. Sailing to the open sea.
  1. Reach the Pacific Standard bank.
  2. Go inside.
  3. Blow up the grates.
  4. Put up the thermal charges.
  5. Pick up the money.
  6. Regroup at the exit.
  7. Go outside.
  8. Head to the marker.
  9. Reach the canyon.
  10. Reach the breach.
  11. Jump from the cliff and parachute down.
  12. Get in the boat.
  13. Sailing to the open sea.

The mission will failed , if you get any wanted level before reaching the bank, ant player leave the bank before the end of heist, run out of time while running, someone get wasted.

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