«Series A» heist

Series A in GTA Online
The “Series-A” is the fourth heist in the Heists update and it does not seem like others. There is actually heists are during the set-up missions. None other than Trevor Phillips will contact the Heist Leader and welcome him and his crew to Trevor Phillips Industries. He`ll say that he going to continue his drag deals, but without actually drugs. All necessary drugs are now in hands of competing criminal gangs. So the task is withdrawal the goods from competitions.

Players required: 4
Set-up cost: $40000

Mission bounty

Unlockables Mule, Technical
AchievmantsIn The Name of Science

Elite challenges:
  • end up the final mission in less than 6:30 minutes
  • kill 75 enemies
  • no one gets wasted
Elite challenges in this heist will bring to you $100000. We don`t get tired to remind that for complete all the elite challenges in all the available heists you`ll receive a unique T-shirt.

Series-A walkthrough

This heist, as usual, more difficult than previous. Players will be better to take care of body armor and spend more time in the shooting range. During the set-up missions the crew will have to rob all the serious criminal gang in Los Santos, and in final missions survive their combined attack on Trevor Phillips Industries warehouse.  

Set-up mission - Coke

The first raid target is the yacht floating in the sea near by coast. There is full pack of well-armed guards on board, so the mission won`t be easy.  The crew divided two groups of two: first group attack from the boat and second from the chopper. You`d better be armed by shotgun `cause the close quarters combats will be present. The task is collect 9 pack of coke scattered all over the yacht.

The chopper team has a choice: they can land at the yacht heliport and help allies in close combat or, and we bet it is better, find a good position on the shore and work as snipers. Reinforcements to the yacht guards will be arriving in no time on the choppers so be prepared to shut them down. Once all the enemies is dead all you`ll have to do is collect all the drugs and bring it to the warehouse.

Set-up missions - Trash Truck

Now it`s time for Vagos. Trevor reckons that tricky Latinos carry molly pills in trash bags. The tasks for the team are theft the trash truck and collect all the “trash”. Vagos, however, aren`t going to lose their money so easily, so be prepared to hard resist.  
Once the trash truck had stolen, players divided the roles: two of them stay inside the truck and other two clinging to the back and collect the trash bags. If you will act carefully up to certain point, all will be quiet, but Vagos anyway will figure things out. They begin to chase the crew with a quite big number all over the way until the very end of mission.

In this mission it`d better to have a rocket launcher, to destroy enemy vehicles more easily. Pickers are particular vulnerable because they stay at the back of the track without any protection. Driver has to protect them as well as he could.

Set-up missions - Bikers

Next in the row is bikers gang - The Lost, Trevor’s old “friends”. The crew has to find their way in to biker`s camp, kill all of them silently and theft van`s with methamphetamine. For this mission Trevor will provide to the team plenty of silent weapons. Remember that if any biker spotted you the mission will be failed at once.
The crew act together. Once they reach the Lost`s camp on the boat they have to kill all the bikers without attention, then take the vans (the ones with big The Lost sigh on board) and bring them to the warehouse. Along the road the last group of bikers will try to take vans back.  

Set-up mission - Weed

The Ballas gang own the sawmill, where they store big party of weed. This time there is no any delights: just burst in the sawmill, kill so much ballas as you could and theft two vans filled with weed.

The crew divided on two groups. One group attacks on the front while the other take position on the West and the East from target and uses their sniper rifles. There is no need to kill all the mobsters on the sawmill, your goal is the vans. Once the first group takes them, snipers go down and take the armored jeeps with heavy machine gun in order to defend vans on the way back to the warehouse. The Ballas will try to stop you with all their might; they have heavy machine guns jeeps too and they also will try to block the way in front of the vans. It is, perhaps, the most complicated part of the mission because the vans move quite slowly and the road is thin and winding. The crew will have to do best they can to bring the vans to the warehouse without damage.    

Set-uo mission - Steal Meth

The old Trevor friends O’Neil brothers do the Meth production on their farm in the North part of Los Santos. They have a whole tank of excellent raw material that would be very handy in Trevor business.

When the crew arrived to the farm they would better clear up the path with sniper rifles. Then all they have to do is kill remaining enemies. One of the players gets in the truck and catches the big orange tank. The task for other players is defending the tank all the way back to the warehouse. Remember that if the tank has too much damage it will detonate and the mission, obviously, will fail.  

Series-A Funding walkthrough

Trevor already find the buyers for the drugs. He ask the crew to help to carry the drugs to the meeting point, when, suddenly, turns out that all the robbed gang find out who did steal their drugs. Now they want blood.

Once the crew is arrived to the warehouse, they divided on two groups of two. First group go to defend the North and second to the South.

Enemies will arrived on the vans and bikes, so it won`t be too hard to destroy them with the rocket launcher or other heavy weapon. Once the attack was repelled players take the vans and Technical and start to move in direction of meeting point. The way won`t be easy. Angry mobsters will attack the convoy all the time including helicopters. The machine gunner on the Technical have to focus fire on the helicopters, and other players will have to defend themselves and the convoy using only personal weapons. The AP pistol would be better for this, his high fire rate and pretty good bullets penetrating power will help to keep the enemy away from the drugs.
The chase will and nearby lighthouse on the north-west coast of Los Santos. There Trevor will give a bag of money to the crew and the mission will successfully end.  

Players actions:
  1. Head to the warehouse.
  2. Take positions.
  3. Hold positions.
  4. Destroy all the enemies.
  5. Drive the vans to the meeting point.
The heist will fail, if the vans will destroyed, players or Trevor has died.