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GTA 4-the ninth game in the series Grand Theft Auto, adapted for gaming platforms Xbox 360, Windows, PlayStation 3.

The game has been modified technology and the visualization of the shootings, improved radar and GPS, the police and pedestrians are much "wiser" instead of garages began to be used designated Parking areas. For defense and attack provides 15 kinds of weapons from a knife to rocket-propelled grenade.

Graphic visualization of the game world is made in three-dimensional format. Advanced functionality of the game environment allows you to play GTA 4 online with other people or to overcome the storyline alone (spy codes for GTA 4 you can also on our website).

Multiplayer: General information

GTA 4 multiplayer
Multiplayer mode is supported for Xbox 360, PS3, PC gaming platforms connected to the Internet. In the case of the PC version of GTA 4, multi-user mode can be launched via a local area network (LAN). The maximum number of players in one GTA 4 session for PC reaches 32 people, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – 16.

For the correct functioning of GTA 4 in multiplayer mode, you will need a PC with an operating system not lower than Vista SP 1 or XP SP 3. The processor will need to support two cores and a frequency of at least 2.4 GHz (1.8 GHz) for Intel chipsets and 2.1 GHz from AMD. You will also need RAM from 2 GB (1.6 GB), video card from 512 MB (256 MB), hard disk space from 16 GB and a network card to play online.

The General scenario of multiplayer has a number of differences from the single mode. Weapons with an impressive amount of ammunition is in certain areas of the open game world. After the death of the character loses all the collected weapons. Unlocked several hard-to-reach areas, which were originally closed in a single game.

Multiplayer GTA 4: the beginning of the game

GTA 4 - how to play
All game modes in multiplayer GTA 4 can be conditionally combined into five thematic groups — Race, Team, Competitive, Cooperative, Free. Each group has several different ways to organize the game over the network.

Access to the multiplayer and its settings can be obtained using the phone, which is available to the character. After opening the menu “Multiplayer” will be offered three options to choose from — Party Mode, Player Match, Ranked. When you select Player Match, the player will be able to invite people, but the achievements of the participants will not be recorded in the statistics. When you select Ranked, you will be able to gain ranks, but you will not be able to invite friends.

To start a network game Party Mode organizer must choose as the location of the whole city or a separate area, the number of civilians, the level of activity of law enforcement agencies and set the parameters of weather conditions. If desired, it can impose restrictions on the use of various weapons and the ability to automatically aim. Upon completion of the network mode settings, the organizer has the right to start the game at any time, the other participants are already connected to the finished script. Any player can act as an organizer.

Each player moves up the career ladder. The status of the character is equivalent to its rank. There are 10 of them. The transition to each next rank allows the player to get additional bonuses and advanced gaming features. In total, the multiplayer has 10 ranks, each of which is assigned after the player earns a certain amount of money. To obtain the first rank you need to earn 1000 $, 2nd rank— 10 000 $, 3 – 50 000 $, 4 — 100 000 $, 5 - 250 000 $, 6 – 500 000 $, 7 – 750 000$, 8 – 1 million, 9 — 2.5 million, 10 — 5 million.