How to view FPS in GTA 5

High FPS in GTA 5

Performance plays a huge role when you’re playing on a laptop. It’s useful to know what your FPS is to get better optimization. Otherwise you might run into lags and freezes halfway into a mission. It will also help to see how much FPS you lose if you’re recording your gameplay.

How to see FPS in GTA 5
You can see your FPS in the game, but only during the Benchmark Test. In order to do that, go to Graphics settings and click «Run Benchmark Tests». Then you’ll see your FPS in the bottom of the screen. If you happen to have an NVIDIA graphics card, launch the GeForce Experience app, turn on the “In-game overlay” option, then go to Settings > HUD layout and select the position for your FPS counter. Hold ALT + F12 to bring up the counter in the game.

The game included FPS in GTA 5
If you have a different graphics card, it’s easier to download Fraps from its official website. Then launch the program and run the game to see your FPS. If you have a licensed version of the game, you can also turn on the FPS counter through Steam settings.

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