Tips for GTA 5: perspectives review

Tips for GTA 5: perspectives review
New features GTA 5 for PS4 and Xbox One allows you to switch the game from a third or first person by pressing one button. Regardless of the selected mode, the success of the character will depend on the personal experience of the player and the settings of the virtual environment. Consider several options available for personal optimization control of the gaming world.

If users prefer while Hiking to use the first person, and while in the vehicle - third, then you should configure automatic switching of cameras. It is enough to use the "independent mode settings of the cameras, which is available in the menu "settings" under "the screen where you will need to install the switch in the "on"position. The functionality of the "independent settings" works the opposite direction. Each player adjusts the gaming environment.

Along with the custom functionality of "sight" and the sensitivity of the cameras during the review from the first and third person perspective, players are also available many other settings. In particular, disable Ragdoll during the game mode from the first person will slow down the movement of the camera when receiving damage. Use of First Person Combat Rolls and/or Head Bobbing will allow you to enjoy the most spectacular effects in the game from the first person.

Tips for GTA 5: perspectives review
During racing competitions or skydiving, you can press the "circle" on the PS4 joystick or press "B" in the management of the Xbox One. This will allow you to briefly view the outside world from a third person, if you have enabled the display from the first. This functionality allows you to quickly look around and get maximum information about the surrounding obstacles, objectives and targets.

It is also recommended to pay attention to the settings Assisted Aim (Full, Partial, Assisted), Free Aim. They allow you to set the desired angle with reference to the Central "point" or without it.

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