GTA 5 PS4, Xbox One clips from players

GTA 5 PS4, Xbox One clips from players
release GTA 5 for PS4 and Xbox One appeared many works of authorship that are noteworthy. The players have worked hard to create a video in which we can see good work on the production script, professional tricks, amazing events in the vastness of the updated world of Grand Theft Auto.

Night life

Author Xxl showed nightlife in Los Santos and the East Vinewood in all its glory. Viewers will be able to feel the atmosphere of the city and learn what its residents after hours.

the New world

Author of 8-BIT Bastard knows how to implement their ambitious plans when creating a "parody" on GTA 5. This time he decided to perform a review of the updated world to the accompaniment of a musical composition, which is known to many cartoon Alladin.

Among the works 8-BIT Bastard meet not only the "parody", but rather a serious review of the game world in a documentary style.

the Magic of GTA 5

Author kokonitos of the crew G1RU (Russian girls) in the beginning of the year has managed to please the gaming community for its video. This time the author used the game mode from the first person to show all the beauty of GTA 5 for new platforms.

Features fast shooting competently used ThirstyHyena. Shown embedded in GTA 5 changes that affect the display of weather phenomena, the bustle of the city, attractions and picturesque corners of the virtual world.

SA96HD on your car Pegassi Zentorno begins the journey across the expanses of Los Santos and Blaine County. A fascinating trip have been able to mount in a video lasting just 5 minutes. The journey, the driver terminates in a picturesque place on the Del Perro pier.

Daredevil: day first

Author Fishy Dizzle - master at creating video in the spirit of BMX Stunt. This time he uses the game mode from the first person to show their skills driving around Vinewood Hills.

conquerors of the air element

The game mode from the first person liked the skydivers and pilots. Incredible feeling of events the author notes ash0191. He tried to put the maximum amount of information and emotion in his video, to pass an unforgettable experience for all viewers.

Amazing tricks

Already enjoy views of the city from the top of one of the tallest buildings in Los Santos? The Vanilla player not only studied the architecture of the buildings, but also shifted the game from the first person to effectively take on the vertical surface of the structure. His incredible stunt ended with success.

Richard Boylan chose the point of emission to jump with a parachute. Eventually he managed to bring his idea - effectively to slip a few inches from the TV tower and make a soft landing near the word "Vinewood" on the outskirts of the city.

Each author of a clip can share your creation with the gaming community. Enough to leave a link to the video on the social pages Rockstar or send an email to Mouthoff.

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