Exclusive items and discounts in GTA Online

Exclusive content and special offers in GTA Online
Up to June 20 in GTA Online will be available discounts on Bulletproof tires, vehicles armor, Annihilator helicopters, weapons, body armor, and stylish elegant clothing.

Red Pajama set and red swirl smoking jacket

After a hard day everyone wants to relax, siting bank in luxurious chair in the office of the Organization, with a glass of expensive smuggled alcohol. Nothing will make your well deserved rest as enjoyable as red jacket and pyjamas that will definitely help you relax. To get this exclusive apparel simply log into GTA Online anytime this week.

50% discount on bulletproof tires and 25% on vehicle's armor

Remember that the fastest way to deliver the Special Cargo is to drive it. In the midst of heavy enemy fire, it is also the safest way. You also can make it even more safe by purchasing discounted bulletproof tires and vehicle's armor for any car to your taste.

25% discount on Annihilator helicopters

Wisely spend your hard earned money, buying powerful military helicopter Annihilator at the Elitas Travel website, saving as much as 25% of the helicopter's cost. This machine clearly will come in handy during the delivery of your goods to the Warehouse. Four miniguns also will come in handy during the interception of the cargo of an enemy Organization.

Discounts at Ammu-Nation

This week there are discounts at the Ammu-Nation again. This time 25% discounts apply to a wide range of weapons, ammunition, and more. See the full list of discounts:

  • Carbine, Assault and Compact Rifles
  • Machine Pistol
  • SMG
  • Heavy Shotguns
  • Combat PDW
  • Ammo
  • Weapon Tints and Etched Finishes
  • Body Armor
  • Parachute Bags and Canopies
Hurry up to take advantage of all exclusive offers and download mods for GTA 5 from our website! All of our mods avaliable for free and without registration.

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2016-06-15 06:59:00

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