Halloween in GTA Online

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"Trick or treat"? GTA Online Halloween is approaching

Halloween in GTA Online: 6 harrowing modes of confrontation and gift t-shirt

On the nose the darkest holiday of the year – Halloween: when the dead come to life, and all sorts of psychopaths completely nuts. You have two options: wait out the "purge" in the warmth and security, or well-equipped to fight the evil and wicked (and at the same time making money). This week offers 6 festive terribly interesting modes, for participation in which promised to double GTA$ and RP. Your task, regardless of which path you will choose for themselves (to get away from the maniac in the dark, lighting the way dim light of the flashlight, ripping to shreds the servants of light or to prey on vulnerable citizens) one – to survive at any cost.

Gift t-shirts in GTA Online
In honor of Halloween does not hurt to dress up appropriately. Log in at any day before 5 November and get three free t-shirts (Psycho Swingers, Zombie Liberals in the Midwest and Twilight Knife).

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