GTA Online: how to play GTA 5 online

GTA Online review
One of the main advantages of GTA 5 and GTA Online is that it features multiplayer mode. For the first time GTA online became available to users on the 1st of October in 2013. The game is considered to be stand-alone, though  it is playable only with an original GTA 5 disc.
GTA 5 was released on PS4 and Xbox One in the middle of November in 2014. GTA 5 on PC is going to be released in the end of January in 2015.

GTA Online is based on the same map as GTA 5. Players may travel around the world and interact with the map and other users from different countries. Every player tries to make his character a unique one. For this purpose players purchase property, vehicles, clothing, aircraft, weapons and other stuff available in the game.

How to play GTA 5 online
Crews and individual players can take part in different kinds of activities: assaults on local gangs, robbing trucks, challenging other players to Imprompu races and other. Several of these activities are unique to the multiplayer mode of the game.

Games zones can be relatively divided into 2 worlds: "open world" and "localized world". In the first case, the shared virtual environment is organized without compliance with predetermined rules and tactics. In the second case, localization of the game world takes place for participants playing verified jobs.

Players partaking in these jobs play in separate sessions and don’t interact with players from the open world. Verified jobs can be organized within one game mode including races, deathmatch, survival missions and other. The number of players involved and the size of the area available to them in these game modes varies depending on the activity and mode itself.

The number of available missions depends on the ranking of individual crews and players. The higher the rank, the more abilities. Users can create their own missions using the developer tools available in the game.

Game Modes of GTA Online

  • Free Mode is multiplayer mode. It can be found in GTA 4 and later versions of GTA.
  • Deathmatch - the main principle is "Kill or be killed!". It is a multiplayer game mode consisting of no less than 2 players. The player with the most money at the end of the match wins. Money is paid for each kill. There is, also, the "Team Deathmatch" mode, in which two teams tear each other apart, and the "Last Team Standing", which is almos the same as "Team Deathmatch" exept for that killed players cannot respawn.
  • Race can be played alone or with other players. Players are given rewards such as RP and cash. There are four different racing modes: Land Races, Air Races, Water Races, and Bike Races.
  • Rally. This mode first appeared in GTA Online. In contrast to the usual races there two people in the car, the driver and navigator, who helps the driver on the road.
  • Capture. There are two teams, two bases and two valuable packages. The team which is the first to capture other team’s package and to deliver it to its base wins.
  • Survival. Players must complete 10 waves. Winners receive 30000$ each. If a player dies before reaching the end of the 10th wave, he must spectacle the other players who are alive.
  • Hold. Teams must collect and store as many packages as possible in their base. Packages can either be found on the map, or stolen from the opposing team’s bases.
  • Contend is similar to the Capture game mode. Unlike Capture, where each team has its own package and has to capture the other team's package, there is only one package in the centre of the map. Each team must fight to secure the package and take it back to their base. Once the package is captured, it respawns at the centre of the map again.
  • Raid. You'll have to fight your way into your opponents' base and steal a package, then deliver it back to your base to score points. To win the match you have to deliver more packages than your opponents do in the allotted time.
  • Parachuting is available for up to 8 players. The jump and open their parachutes and must go through several checkpoints.
  • Adversary Modes is various missions, run by Martin Madrazo, in which two teams of players fight their way to win in competitions that plays in a completely different ways. This missions were added with Heists Update. There is many of Adversary Modes and Rockstar Games add new with GTA 5 updates.
  • Heists is a special missions, added with Heists Update, in which crews of players has to prefrom difficult and variety missions: from bank robbery, to plan and execute a prison break.
GTA Online parachute jumps

General Description of Gameplay of GTA Online

Here we are going to identify the possibilities of GTA Online. The Information will be useful for beginners and partially for experienced gamers as well.

Any activity rewards players with both money, used for in-game purchases, and Reputation Points (RP). As players increase their rank, new items such as weapons, hair styles, clothes and vehicle mods will be unlocked for purchase, while new missions and jobs. Many high rank missions offer far greater monetary and RP rewards. Characters with high ranks can use additional gameplay abilities such as mobile phone, removing wanted level, conducting an airstrike and others.

Jobs in GTA Online can either be accessed from the open world, in the form of a highlighted marker that the player simply walks into to activate the corresponding job, or selected through a list in the pause menu. Players can either host the jobs themselves, or simply elect to join a job before the beginning or already in progress. The player may also receive invites from friends and other players via their phone. In order to gain bigger payouts players can bet on themselves or other players.

Grand Theft Auto Online
Despite the fact GTA 5 and GTA Online are alike; there are still numerous differences in the gameplay mechanics involved. For instance, police will never attempt to arrest the player Online but the severity of wanted levels changes quickly depending on the players' actions, with an automatic three star wanted level for killing a police officer, or a four star wanted level for trespassing at Fort Zancudo.

Many of the characters featured in GTA 5 will re-appear in GTA Online. The notable exception is Michael and Franklin. But Trevor and a new criminal boss Gerald.

Chronologically, GTA Online is set before the events of the single player game. Martin Madrazo is still often found at his house in Vinewood Hills, which is destroyed early in GTA 5 by Michael.

Character Settings

In GTA Online physical appearance is not user-defined. It is derived from parent characters that players choose. For instance, Nico Bellic from GTA4 or Claude and Misty can be selected as parent characters. Once confirmed, the player's appearance cannot be modified further. Players can further customize the image of his character by purchasing clothing, tattoos, haircuts and masks from shops around Los Santos. As well as appearance, players can also select their character's typical daily activities, which will affect his initial skills.

Players can currently create two characters. After choosing the character other character slots are locked. The player can also select different actions to be performed by their characters. When speaking into a microphone, the players character's mouth will move.

Money and activities in GTA Online

The core basis for the GTA Online economy is RP and money. The more money and RP players gain, the more items such as apartments, garages, clothes, cars and aircraft they can purchase in game. Money is also required to launch jobs.

Money is earned through most activities in the game. Rockstar also offers options to purchase in game cash via their store using real life money.

Using their cash players can purchase garages and apartments that allows players to store purchased vehicles. These cars can then be used in Free Mode, race modes and in individual missions.

Garages in GTA Online
The price of Garages ranges from $25k-$100k+, Low-end apartments - from $80k-$120k, Mid-range apartments, varies from $125,000-$150,000, and High-end apartments - $205k-$400k. All the apartments with the price from $205k to $400k have the same interior. $400,000-$500,000 apartments are exclusive and have a redesigned interior.

Easy money in GTA 5 Online. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you like) there is no cheats for GTA Online. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t grow rich fast. Clever mind of the player sooner or later will separate the game parts in order to find the way. That is exactly what we are doing – share our experience and knowledge for you can feel like a boss in on-line. We have a good article on our website, where we did write all the ways to get a plenty of money in GTA Online. And, you can believe on that, we’re playing GTA a lot.

Crews in GTA Online

GTA Online crews
There are two main types of crews – private and public. Private crews can hold as many as 1000 people while public crews can have unlimited members.

Playing in a team brings additional benefits to its members. The player receives a 10% bonus to RP for playing with friends and 20% for playing with crew members. The player receives more money in races depending on how many players are in the game. Furthermore, many missions involve the use of teamwork to succeed. The crew system in GTA Online also encourages customization and personalization, with the addition of crew emblems that can be placed on vehicles and crew colors.

Missions and Jobs in GTA Online

Missions in GTA 5 Online
There are approximately 500 jobs in GTA Online and the list is constantly updated. Jobs can be encountered in many ways, including stumbling on them on the map, calling or receiving a phone call from an NPC, or choosing one of the menu.

Races can be entered with modded personal vehicles. Players can also create their own race tracks and deathmatches using the Content Creator.

After choosing one of available missions the player can scroll a list of players or
invite friends to join the game. While scrolling, a menu shows up showcasing the highlighted players Driving, Shooting, Flying, Sneaking, and Stamina skills.

The main types of jobs are:
  • Races involve players driving through various checkpoints in the track before reaching the finish. The better result is, the higher the reward and the rank of the character.
  • Deathmatches. Everything is simple and cruel: a player or team with the highest number of the counted kills wins.
  • Survival. The player will have to survive the onslaught of enemies who come again and again with increasing force. The longer the player will be able to hold out, the higher the reward is.
  • Capture. Classical goal for the teamwork – to capture the flag before enemies capture yours. To win, you’ll have to work out a strategy and coordinate your friend players.
  • Joint missions. The overall objective is achieved only by the team effort. Depending on the selected job, the participants can play as snipers, transporters, and other.
  • Competitive missions. Several teams are invited to do the same job (to steal a car, to eliminate the purpose and so on) or different ones. The team with the best result wins.