Download OpenIV for GTA 5 modifications

Finally, after almost a year and half of waiting, the gaming community has o see the moment when it became possible to create and install custom modification for GTA 5. Some of them is set by simply adding files to the root folder of the game, but for a huge number of modifications it's required to modify the archives in the files of the game, which cannot be done without using special software. One of these software, and perhaps the most convenient, is the Open IV. This super useful tool will allow you to easily edit the hidden archives of the game, add and modify files. All you need to do to get all these features is download Open IV. In addition, Open IV, it is very convenient and perhaps necessary tool for the development of mods.

For example, imagine that we need to set a texture that replaces the standard model of a weapon. How can we do this without OpenIV? Of course, it's impossible, but with Open 4 we can do it in just two clicks. With the same success it is possible to easily add new files and folders in the archives of the game that provides ample scope for modding and allows you to do almost anything with the game. It's safe to say that Open 4 is an essential program for any lover of modifications for GTA 5.

You can download Open IV for free from our website, and even directly from this page, here on this link.

How to use an OpenIV

So, you decided to download Open 4. Waiting for the end of download, click on the icon OpenIV, click GTA 5, select your system and choose the folder where the game is, and wait while loading.

You are in the program menu. Everything here is similar to the standard Windows Explorer, allowing you to see all files, archives and folders in the root directory of GTA 5. You are free to move, to open any archive, however, to modify or rebuild the archives, and add or remove files, you need to enable edit mode, as shown in the screenshot.

After that follow the instructions to install your modifications. Most often you just have to replace the texture files or scripts, in other cases you'll have to add in game archives new folders and files. In any case, the first rule of using OpenIV - make a backup of all replaced files. In edit mode, the program automatically saves all your changes, so if you do something wrong and don't have a source files, then GTA 5 will have to reinstall.

OpenIV OpenIV
That's all, now you can easily install any modification, for this you need only download Open 4.