Fixter from GTA 5

Fixter from GTA 5
Fixter is an old (vintage) sports fixed-gear bicycle, slightly customized by civilians. The name of this bicycle is a portmanteau of "hipster" and "fixie" (a slang word for a fixed-gear bicycles).

The bicycle Fixter is absolutely new for the Grand Theft Auto series, as it never made it's appearance in any previous part of the series, just like there weren't any similar models. Fixter represents a typical "fixie" bicycle, a track bicycle, which is obvious thanks to it's construction.It completely lacks the freewheel and it's pedals are rotating until the rear wheel is stopped. In the game frames of Fixter are painted in black colour, and it's tires are painted in black and red colours.

Fixter from GTA 5 - front view Fixter from GTA 5 - side view Fixter from GTA 5 - view from behind
Fixter has a decent speed, on par with some of the best racing bicycles, presented in GTA 5, but the bicycle has a rather mediocre acceleration and a completely dreadful, unbelievably disgusting brakes. It is no wonder however, as a fixed-gear bicycles lack braking mechanism, which forces the rider to move pedals in the opposite direction, making the bike go "fishtailing" until it stops.  You can find Fixter nearby Mirror Park, where Hipsters drive it, and also in the fifth part of the "Rampage" mission.

Prototype of Fixter in the real world is unknown to us.

GTA 5 Fixter characteristics

Speed 63 km/h
Mass 110 kg
Capacity 1 passanger
Damage in the collision 50%
Damage during the deformation of the body 80%
Damaging small arms 100%
The purchase price in GTA Online
The price of legal sale
The illegal sale price

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