Shitzu Vader from GTA 5

Shitzu Vader from GTA 5
Vader is a civilian motorcycle with a "streetfighter" body style, designed and manufactured by a made-up by Rockstar, non-existing in the real world in-game Japanese company Shitzu, which is based on much more real Japanese companies, such as Suzuki, Honda and Kawasaki, and the name of the company is a word play with the name of a Chinese dog breed "Shih Tzu" and a well-known English word "shit".

The Japanese motorbike Shitzu Vader came to the Grand Theft Auto universe together with an addon to the fourth part of GTA - The Ballad of Gay Tony. In the fifth part, GTA 5, motorbike figured from the very beginning - since the release. The motorcycle has a rather comfortable seat for a driver and a passenger. The default painting of Vader is blue, with components painted in either bright-gray or black colour. In the game there is two variants of that motorcycle - one has twin exhaust tubes mounted under the seat and has no license plate, and the other has two side exhaust tubes and a Liberty City license plate.

Shitzu Vader from GTA 5 - front view Shitzu Vader from GTA 5 - side view Shitzu Vader from GTA 5 - view from behind
Shitzu Vader has one of the best speeds in the game among motorcycles, however such technical characteristics of a motorbike as acceleration and braking are not so impressive - they are average in the class. The handling of Vader doesn’t reach up to an actual sportbikes, but the motorbike is very stable, which makes it an excellent choice for crossing huge distances with a relatively high speed in a relatively calm environment. You can get the Shitzu Vader motorbike for $9000 from the website.

The prototype of the bike in the real world is Kawasaki Z series.

GTA 5 Shitzu Vader characteristics

Speed 140 km/h
Mass 230 kg
Capacity 2 passangers
Engine gasoline
Damage in the collision 50%
Damage during the deformation of the body 80%
Damaging small arms 100%
Damaging engine 150%
The purchase price in GTA Online $9000
The price of legal sale $5400
The illegal sale price $900

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