Dunka Jester Racecar from GTA 5

Dinka Jester Racecar from GTA 5 - front view
Dinka Jester Racecar, as the name implies, is a racing version of the hybrid sports car. available in GTA 5 and GTA Online. Machine was added to the game as part of the update Festive Surprise.

Externally Jester Racecar differs from its predecessor only in the presence of a large number of sponsor decals and stickers. In Los Santos Customs you can change the main background of the painting machine, everything else will remain unchanged. But external appearance, of course, is not important. But the main thing is that the racing version of this hybrid sports car was added noticeably more power than usual. Electric motor, and very, very powerful, can now overclock Jester noticeably faster and more efficiently, making Jester Sportcar one of the best sports cars in the game.

Dinka Jester Racecar from GTA 5 - front view Dinka Jester Racecar from GTA 5 - side view Dinka Jester Racecar from GTA 5 - rear view
Real machine prototypes, as usual Jester, are Honda NSX 2015-th year, the BMW i8 and the McLaren MP4-12C. Machine will be available in the garage immediately after installing the DLc Festive Surprise for players with consoles PS3 and XBOX 360. Also, in GTA Online, you can buy a car over the Internet for $350 000.

Characteristics Dinka Jester Racecar from GTA 5

Speed 289 km/h (180 mph)
Weight 1300 kg
Capacity 2 people
Engine petrol
Drivetrain AWD
Brake force distribution 51/49
Damage in the collision 100%
Damage during the deformation of the body 80%
Damaging small arms 100%
Damaging the engine 150%
The purchase price in GTA Online $350000
The price of legal sale $210000
The illegal sale price -

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