GTA 5 HVY Insurgent

GTA 5 HVY Insurgent - front view
HVY Insurgent, it's hard armoured vehicle, which became available in GTA Online with the release of the Heists update Update.

Insurgent can be described only by one word - wheeled tank. He's incredibly durable. Even the most powerful weapon in the game - Railgun, destroying it with only three shots (for comparison, all other machines can shatter to pieces after just one hit). In GTA 5 there is only one vehicle that can compare with Special strength, it is a Rhino tank. Insurgent, can withstand a direct hit from a tank, 6 missiles helicopter Buzzard, five hits from RPG, about seven sticky bombs and 25 seconds turn of the minigun, right into the engine. Impressive. The machine is equipped with bulletproof tires immediately after purchase. The only unprotected place, probably for the sake of balance in GTA Online, remains the windshield so that the driver can disable the exact place in the front.

GTA 5 HVY Insurgent - front view GTA 5 HVY Insurgent - side view GTA 5 HVY Insurgent - rear view
In Insurgent, is fitted with a powerful engine F4V8 able to overclock this monster, weighing 8 and a half tons, up to speed 156 km/h, while the car accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in just 7.6 seconds. More than decent for a car of this mass. Of course, Insurgent, full drive installed, along with 6 speed transmission. All this, coupled with impressive off-road tires, makes Insurgent, is ideal for off-road driving.

In the game there are two options HVY Insurgent: regular and Special Pick-up, equipped, among other things, a heavy machine gun on the roof. Obviously, this increases the usefulness of the machine in GTA Online. Using it you can make a real local Apocalypse and go after it unharmed. Another advantage of the Insurgent Pick-up, is that it accommodates as many as 9 people, unlike the 6 in the regular version of the car.

GTA 5 HVY Insurgent Pick-up - front view GTA 5 HVY Insurgent Pick-up - side view GTA 5 HVY Insurgent Pick-up - rear view
The real prototype for the HVY Insurgent became GURKHA Armored Vehicles. The machine can be purchased online for $1 350 000 (Pick-up version) and $675 000 (regular version), after the completion of on-line Robbery "RAID on Humane Labs" (The Humane Labs Raid). Insurgent Pick-up (unlike the normal version) it will be impossible to find in the garage or hangar, its delivery will have to call in Pegasus, with the help of your phone.

Features HVY Insurgent from GTA 5.

Speed 156 km/h (97 mph)
Weight 8600 kg
Capacity 6 people (9 people)
Engine petrol
Drivetrain AWD
Brake force distribution 65/35
Damage in the collision 10%
Damage during the deformation of the body 15%
Damaging small arms 10%
Damaging the engine 20%
The purchase price in GTA Online $675000 ($1350000)
The price of legal sale $405000
The illegal sale price -

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