GTA 5 MTL Packer

GTA 5 MTL Packer - front view
MTL Packer, this two-door industrial tractor, which appeared in many games in the GTA series and is available in GTA 5 and GTA Online.

GTA 5 MTL Packer is much faster and slightly more maneuverable than its predecessors from previous games in the series. Under the hood is a 6-cylinder 24-valve turbocharged diesel engine F4 Inline 6, which gives the tractor is not bad for such a high class technique, top speed - 193 km/h. The truck is also very durable, it can withstand a lot of direct confrontation or a large number of shots before will turn into a useless heap of metal. However, in spite of not bad maneuverability, controllability Paacker, though, is not the best in the class, as well as brake system.

GTA 5 MTL Packer - front view GTA 5 MTL Packer - side view GTA 5 MTL Packer - rear view
The real prototype for MTL Packer served as Freightliner Century Class 112 for the 2014 year. The car can be found all along the Great Ocean highway and towns in blaine County.

the characteristics of the MTL Packer from GTA 5.

Speed 193 km/h (120 mph)
Weight 12000 kg
Capacity 2 people
Engine diesel
Drivetrain RWD
Brake force distribution 45/55
Damage in the collision 100%
Damage during the deformation of the body 80%
Damaging small arms 100%
Damaging the engine 150%
The purchase price in GTA Online -
The price of legal sale -
The illegal sale price -

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