GTA 5 HVY Docktug

GTA 5 HVY Docktug - front view
HVY Docktug, this is a single industrial tractor available in GTA 5 and GTA Online.

Because of the peculiarities of its design and purpose (moving small containers), Docktug does not have any remarkable characteristics. Its throttle response is a little below average, the brake system is acceptable, but, also, not the best. The maximum speed of this tractor is 129 km/h. Handling Docktug, also, does not possess - this machine is not designed for riding in the stream and sharp turns. Due to the relatively small mass, Docktug can't push other cars off the road as easily as heavier tractors, and trucks, nevertheless it still can cause other serious damage to the car, crashing into it at high speed.

GTA 5 HVY Docktug - front view GTA 5 HVY Docktug - side view GTA 5 HVY Docktug - rear view
The real prototype HVY Docktug is Ottawa Commando 4×2. Machine often appears at the port of Los Santos and, more rarely, in the International Airport of Los Santos.

Features HVY Docktug of GTA 5.

Speed 129 km/h (80 mph)
Weight 10400 kg
Capacity 1 people
Engine diesel
Drivetrain RWD
Brake force distribution 50/50
Damage in the collision 100%
Damage during the deformation of the body 80%
Damaging small arms 100%
Damaging the engine 150%
The purchase price in GTA Online -
The price of legal sale -
The illegal sale price -

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