Spider Man Mod

I represent to your attention a very interesting CLEO mod Spider Man GTA San Andreas. Spider-man - amazing script that will allow you to replace the main character not just a regular spider man, but also venom and carnage. You can feel yourself in the role of any of these three spiders and a fly like it is on the web, to perform various tricks, climb buildings and hang in the air.

SPIDER - activate the mod (enter the cheat code);
"Tab" + "CapsLock" - change the character (spider-man, venom, carnage);
"RMB" (air) - fly on the web is slow;
"W" + "RMB" (air) - fly on the web quickly;
"Q" + "RMB" (in Semele) - air combo;
"Space" + "LMB" - a strong blow to the machine;
"Space" + "Q" - to hang on the web.

The special control for Spider Man and Carnage:
"Q" + "E" - to capture a passer-by.

Special management for Venom:
"Q" + "E" - to take the car;
"LMB" - to ditch the car.

Notes on controls for those who in the tank:
"LMB" - left mouse button;
"RMB" - right mouse button;
"Space" - spacebar.

In conclusion, I want to note that with this mod you can really play and play. Really am feeling the new game physics and new sounds. The game is not similar to the classic GTA. Using a set of scripts you get game Spider-Man. The animation is done well and fairly believable. It is very interesting to climb the steep wall on the roof of a skyscraper, and then with a float on the roofs of other houses. Also on the web it is possible to hang up and scare passers-by. Special ability venom - lift and throw a car. Very easy to grab the car and throw it. Also carnage can very effectively deal with the enemy.

Possible problems.
Due to the fact that the game GTA San Andreas is as old as a dinosaur and its development was imposed a lot of restrictions on RAM usage and possible game crashes. Game crashes are not associated with bugs in fashion, and occur only because of the limitations of the game itself. The number of crashes to minimize the in game settings just do a smaller range of drawing.

Download Spider Man Mod for GTA San Andreas follow the links on this page. The plant is fully automatic using the installer. If the mod you get bored, also you can
and delete the Uninstaller that is created in the game folder after installing the mod.

Author J16D
CLEO version CLEO 4
Mod was manually checked for malicious code and stealers

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