GTA SA SIMS real for GTA San Andreas

A large collection of Cleo script on the subject of The Sims, this time it is full.
Also added mod Canister, skate&roll&surfing, scuba, battle tanks.

Experience comes with time so the script skateboarding had to rewrite.
- TAB to Pick up.
- Scroll weapons - hang on to his back.
- ENTER (Skate on earth) - to Go on a skateboard.
- ENTER (Skate in the hand) is to Throw out the skate.
- ENTER (Next to the machine) - to Put skate in the car.
Shop URBAN and PROLAPS You can buy skate.
The free skate is in the city of Los Santos On the porch of the house of CHARLES.
Shop urban sold the set of Young roller.
In the house in the grove in bedroom Free set of roller.
Made a miscalculation that the Player wants to hang anything on yourself
At The Same Time (Guitar, Skate, Rollers).

You can take the box with the tank in the city of Los Santos and near the home of Karl.
TAB - Take\to use
ENTER CAR - put\cancel

When put next to the machine or close to it, the box will be on the front seat of the car.

Pull the tank out of the box on grove street, Then you Will fight Itself ZERO.
Tank Vooruzhen no charges, but can turn this charge enemy tank.
The goal per se, but there are account General, ad infinitum.
You can also go not fighting, just Take out the tank, somewhere beyond the grove Street.

On the Beach "Santa Maria" in Los Santos , is the Institution of SUBstandart.
There is a shop of goods for water sports.
Take the Ball or Scuba gear. In the shop you can take one of the items (Y).
Exit the store.

TAB - Take \ to Use
ENTER CAR - Cancel \ Throw

Items will be shipped by transport, if you throw them close to transport.

Scuba gear:
The air in the tank you can get without being in the water.
If you are with your boat, then just climb the Boat and fill the air with an aqualung.
If you are in the water, filling the air is not possible, as you are in the water (I Hope I clearly caught up).

Just to sunbathe. Karl will be Volgotno to relax and che thread to eat along the way.

Buy the ball, go out and about free area, Use the ball.
Will begin volleyball. Podesite to the ball on the necessary distance to Charles was able to hit the ball.

==========Addition to the store FISHER==========
I decided to split into two scripts. As it is, and Scuba diving and Fishing and Swimming.
In the same store will be available Rod.
TAB - Take \ to Use
ENTER CAR - Throw \ cancel
NEXTweapon - Hung behind his back.

How to fish:
- find fishing spots, Usually where we see that the fish swims. Pre Akopov worms.
- Thrown rod is to Use TAB - fish. When will Bite Press quickly podyacheva Left Right.
When bait runs out or the lintel of the leaves, then Flee to sell Their catch, the Marina motor boats.
On the map This Marina will be Marked by Black anchor.

How to dig worms:
The tale of the rod back to not interfere, Take the shovel (such Weapons).
Click on Earth ENTER CAR - Carl begins to drip worms. (Because the script will love will be finished, you can dig and on asphalt and even in the boat.)

The script ACTOR_HOUSE.
1 - group_weapon - press 1sec - Pocket CJ.
2 - group_weapon - press 1sec - Opportunities CJ.
Control the mouse Wheel and TAB and ENTER_CAR, right mouse button.

On the street go to the smoker or pudemo.
TAB - Interaction close to the actor.

In the House of interaction with things button ENTER_CAR.
ENTER_CAR - Sit down , if you sit on the couch then TAB - Leche.
On the second Floor come to the closed door.
Click ENTER_CAR will go to the toilet.

Click the TAB next to the machine.
Items in the trunk.
CANISTER - allows access to benzokolonki If you play with gasoline.
WHEEL - Replaces damaged wheel on any car.
TOOL - repairing any car.

To fill a canister of gasoline, take it, and then next to the driver TAB. He will give you gas.
Take the canister and use next to any car or motorcycle to get a tank of gas.

 2011-04-28 14:38:50
Author Gadina
CLEO version CLEO 4

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