Instructions for installing & configuring MTA San Andreas 1.3.1

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Dear friends, you probably already know that in GTA San Andreas, you can play online using the MTA - Multi Theft Auto. In this guide I will tell you how to download the client, connect to the server and start playing.

At the time of writing this article the latest version of the client for playing online in Multi Theft Auto San Andreas is the MTA 1.3.1, which you can download from the links below.

Download MTA 1.3.1 from our site: mtasa-1.3.1.exe [19.67 Mb] (5295)
Download MTA 1.3.1 from the official site: MTA 1.3.1

To play GTA San Andreas online with MTA a stable Internet connection is required.  Speed isn't as important as stability. For a comfortable game 256kbit/s should be enough. Also it's recommended to install GTA San Andreas to separate folder specially for MTA or to keep your game not overloaded with mods.

Fast navigation instructions:
- MTA Installation 1.3.1
- setting up and connecting to server
- IP address of our server
- Gameplay and controls on MTA server

MTA Installation 1.3.1

1. Download the client application with the links above.
2. Run the installer of MTA: Icon of installer of MTA San Andreas
3. You will see the installer:
Window of installer MTA San Andreas
4. Click the button Next
5. You will see the software license agreement window:
a License agreement MTA San Andreas
6. Click the button I agree)
7. You will see a window with the list of components that will be installed:
select components MTA San Andreas
8. Leave marked by default components and continue the installation by clicking Next
9. There will be a window in which you need to specify the installation directory for MTA San Andreas:
Select installation directory MTA San Andreas
10. Leave the default directory or specify your own. Continue installation by clicking the Next
11. In this window you'll need to specify the directory of installed game GTA San Andreas. The MTA installer automatically should define a directory with the game, if not, please specify the directory manually:
Window of specifying the installation directory MTA San Andreas
12. Check that the directory GTA San Andreas is correct and run the installation of MTA San Andreas by clicking on the button Install
13. MTA San Andreas will be installed:
Process of  MTA San Andreas installation
14. Installation is complete:
Window to complete the installation MTA San Andreas
15. Click the button Finishto exit the installation program MTA.

Congratulations MTA 1.3.1 has installed on your computer!

Starting and configuring the connection to the servers of MTA San Andreas

1. After the installation MTA San Andreas starts automatically.
- If not, then run the MTA 1.3.1 by clicking on the program shortcut on the desktop:
Shortcut MTA:SA
- If you run an MTA and a window with the Warning appears, then you can either remove the extraneous file, or ignore the error and continue running the game:
warning dialog
2. As a result MTA San Andreas will start and you will be prompted to enter the name of your player, and then click OK (for example Ivan_Ivanov):
Window with the input field name
3. To connect to servers of MTA San Andreas select from the menu:
Connecting to server
4. You will see the local servers, which will be empty:
the Window of your local servers MTA San Andreas
5. To connect to our server MTA San Andreas:
- tab Favourites:
Inactive tab Favourites
- tab Favourites should become the active:
Active tab Favourites
- delete the specified local ip address and port:
the Selection of a local ip address and port
enter IP address and port of the server:
Enter ip address and port
- click on the picture of a heart and our server will appear in the server list below:
Add favorites
for connections to a server, select it in the servers list by clicking on it and click the Connect button:
Selecting and connecting to the server MTA San Andreas
- connect to server... :
the Process of connecting to the server of MTA San Andreas
6. Welcome to the game! Now you only have to wait until all server plugins will be downloaded.
MTA San Andreas: ingame screenshot MTA San Andreas: ingame screenshot MTA San Andreas: ingame screenshot

Gameplay on the MTA server

F1 - call menu
B - configure auto
T - write in the chat

Answers to your questions you will find in our official group of MTA server in Vkontakte:
Vkontakte Group GTAViceCity.RU Official [OUTLOOK|WORKS][Drift]MTA