Travel guide to GTA San Andreas from 1C [RUS]

Travel guide to GTA San Andreas from 1C [RUS]

Welcome to GTA San Andreas

San Andreas is amazing-its size and an incredible diversity. This state is famous for its three cities, each of which has a unique style and places of interest. Los Santos is known for the enormous number of ghetto and its famous residents. San Fierro became a refuge eccentric artists. Las Venturas beckons with glitter and glamour of the casinos.

The guide describes all of the control buttons in GTA San Andreas on the keyboard, either on foot or in the car and plane:
Governance in GTA San Andreas on the keyboard Buttons in GTA San Andreas machine and aircraft
This printed guide to the spaces of the game GTA San Andreas presented 1C company SoftClub together with the Russian localization of the game in February 2010.
This tourist guide will tell you a lot about the state of San Andreas is not only a novice player, but mad gamer that this guide will be able to learn all the details of the game.

Los Santos

Los Santos is considered one of the most famous cities in the world, the place to be for everyone. Here with beautiful people. And with the local disposition it is better to meet in person.
Everything is there! No matter whether you like to visit the tourist places or open a new a well-known, there's ALL! Los Santos is a real Wonderland Babylon towers, a maze of traffic interchanges, a quiet streets, sleeping quarters or glamorous areas. Los Santos is the city where one can not only see but also to try everything!
Los Santos city from GTA San Andreas Los Santos - how to get Los Santos - districts and neighborhoods of Los Santos Los Santos - where you can eat and have a bite Los Santos - where do shopping in Los Santos Los Santos - health, sports and recreation after sunset Los Santos - something to see Los Santos Business quarter

San Fierro

Were glorious days when San Fierro has been the Mecca of the counterculture. Now it is a bustling metropolis, saturated with the spirit of freedom, which cannot be said of its Eastern neighbor - Los Santos, where the traditions of the piously revered. San Fierro same - forge alternatives. For this city are not surprising slogans «flower Power!», free love and same sex marriages. Residents of San Fierro proud of their identity, patriotism and culture. Perhaps, San Fierro is the most picturesque city in San Andreas. The steep streets up and down scurry trams, and if the usual for this city fog limits the visibility of the tourists admiring the magnificent views of the Bay of San Fierro and the world famous bridge hunt.
San Fierro is a city of flowers and freedoms San Fierro - how to get San Fierro - districts and neighborhoods of San Fierro San Fierro - where to dine San Fierro - shopping San Fierro - health, sports and recreation after sunset San Fierro - attractions San Fierro - Bay of San Fierro

Las Venturas

This city founded mafia Los Santos in the forties and was praised in numerous vinewood films, is the world capital of gambling. Bright neon signs, noisy casino, huge hotels, a chapel for weddings, naughty nightlife, twins Balvis and the famous Strip... Truly Las Venturas is the biggest sandbox for adults.
Each year more than 40 million people come to Las Venturas from all over the world, to how to have fun. Las Venturas, otherwise known as the Strip, there is magnificent buildings. Look at the bronze-coloured pyramid height of several hundred meters or on the pirate ship in full size and ask yourself: is this a dream or reality?
Las Venturas - VIVA Las Venturas Las Venturas - as get Las Venturas - districts and quarters Las Venturas - where to dine Las Venturas - shopping Las Venturas - health, sports and recreation after sunset Las Venturas - something to see or attractions in Las Venturas Las Venturas - nightly entertainment and shows at the casino
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