Instructions for installing and configuring SAMP 0.3D

logo of GTA San Andreas Multiplayer
Dear friends, you probably already know that in GTA San Andreas you can play on the Internet with the SA-MP (San Andreas Multiplayer). In this guide I will tell you how to download the client and connect to a server and start playing.

At the time of this writing the latest version of the client for multiplayer in GTA San Andreas is SAMP 0.3d, which you can download from the links below.

Download samp 0.3d from our site: download
Download samp 0.3d c official site: download

To play GTA San Andreas online with SA-MP a stable Internet connection is required.  Speed isn't as important as stability. For a comfortable game 256kbit/s should be enough. Also it's recommended to install GTA San Andreas to separate folder specially for SAMP or to keep your game not overloaded with mods.

Fast navigation instructions:
- Installing SA-MP 0.3d
- Setting up and connecting to the server

Installing SAMP 0.3d

1. Download the client application with the links above.
2. Run the installer SA-MP:
Icon of samp 0.3c
3. You will see the installer:
Launch window installer SAMP
4. Click the button I agree i.e. accept the license agreement.
5. Thre will open a window in which you need to specify the directory of game GTA San Andreas:
Select installation directory SAMP
6. Click the Browse to select the folder with the installed game:
Select installation directory SAMP
7. Select the folder with the installed game GTA San Andreas (as you can see in my example, under the SA-MP I separately installed the game, but this does not necessarily):
select folder with GTA San Andreas
8. Select the folder with the installed game and click the OK
9. Check that the correct folder is selected:
Select installation directory SAMP
10. And click the button Install
11. San Andreas Multiplayer will be installed:
the installation process SAMP
12. Installation is complete:
Window to complete the installation SAMP
13. Click the button Finishto exit the installation program SAMP.

Congratulations SA-MP 0.3d installed on your computer!

Starting and configuring the connection to the servers of the SA-MP

1. First you need to run SA-MP:
- either through a start - All programs (Program for Windows XP) - San Andreas Multiplayer
- either launch samp.exe from the folder with the game GTA San Andreas
Start SAMP from the folder with the game
and you will see the SAMP:
Window San Andreas Multiplayer
2. To connect to servers it is required to enter your name or nickname in Name:
(you can use only Latin letters and numbers as well as a variety of parentheses, but the spaces and a hyphen can not be used
Filling the field Name in a window San Andreas Multiplayer
This is when the first stage setup is completed:
Window SAMP filled with the field Name
3. Now we need to add the server for further connections.
Press the add server) - Add Server
Panel, click on the 'Add server' (add a server)
4. In the resulting window, enter the IP address of our server: temporarily disabled
Add server
and press button OK
5. Well, the server is now saved to favorites tab and is available for connection:
server Selection San Andreas Multiplayer
6. Press button Connect - Connect:

Panel, click on the 'Connect' (Connection)
Connecting to server
The first time you connect the server will offer you to register. To do this, think up and enter your password, and then click Register:
Check San Andreas Multiplayer
Now you have to decide who you will be playing. How to determine press the Spawn
San Andreas Multiplayer: ingame screenshot
Done! To the battle:

San Andreas Multiplayer: ingame screenshot
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