SAMP: GTA San Andreas Multiplater

What is SAMP?

What is SAMP?
Grand Theft Auto series is synonymous with gaming addicts and is an action adventure packed video game that will keep players hooked on for more. Part of the GTA series is the San Andreas Multiplayer (SAMP) which is a modification of the single player GTA San Andreas games. The GTA San Andreas Multiplayer game allows multiple players, upto 500, to play online over the LAN against each other.  However to play the GTA SA Multiplayer game, the original Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PC game is needed.

The original plot of the GTA SA was released in June 2005 and set in the make-believe city of San Andreas, closely resembling California and Nevada. The plot revolved around Carl Johnson and his running away from the difficulties of life 5 years ago. He returns after his mother’s murder to a city where millionaires and film stars too avoid gang leaders and dealers and finds himself being falsely framed for homicide. The game is his journey throughout the city to gain control of the streets and in turn save his family and friends.

Download SAMP: how to install and start playing?

The GTA SAMP can be downloaded on to any computer that already runs the GTA SA single player. The PC requirements apart from GTA SA are a minimum of 1 GHz Processor, 256MB RAM, a graphics card of 64 MB, compatibility with Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista. Free HD space of 3.6GB is needed along with 8X DVD-ROM Drive and a DirectX 9 compatible soundcard. The GTA SAMP needs to be downloaded from the official website and the game can be installed by running the download and installing it to the GTA San Andreas folder. It is vital to check that GTA SAMP is installed in the same place as the file gta_sa.exe, because the SA Multiplayer mode requires the core GTA San Andreas files to run. The installation process runs automatically and places a shortcut titles SAMP onthe desktop.

SAMP server selection
This file needs to be opened to choose a server and once the server is found the browser pops up, asking you to input your name in the required field and press on "connect" and you are all set to play GTA SA with up to 500 players.

SAMP game modes

There are a lot of SAMP game modes
Once the game starts, you are asked to choose a skin which defines the weapons and modes. The game thanks to the scripts in the server helps you experience various modes such as free-roam mode where player can perform any action without restrictions. The stunt mode allows stunts with vehicles. In the death-match mode players armed with weapons aim to kill each other and win prizes while the team death-match mode allows similar fighting between teams of players. The Deathbox mode allows players to kill others with cuffs and the Cops and Robbers mode lets players be cops or robbers. Similarly the RolePlay mode lets players mimic real life like applying for a job, buying a house or car and is one of the game’s popular mode. Various other modes include Zoombie mode, A/D or Attackers vs Defenders, Trucking, FairFun, Man-hunt or the Crazy Taxi (CT) mode.

Mods for SAMP

Players might want to change their vehicle, their weapons or add customisations which are all available as various mods. The SAMP mods make sure the players have various choices from an amazing and extensive list and these mods can be easily installed via this portal. Players just need to specify the model and type of vehicle or weapon they want and can install it just as quickly.

GTA SAMP mods: map with sectors
On our website you can found a lot of different mods for GTA SAMP. The most popular mods are:
Gaming has never been so adventurous, realistic and personalised with so many skins and options to choose from and various customisations that can be added giving players a never before experience thanks to the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer games.

SAMP developers

The GTA San Andreas Multiplayer series is very popular among gamers thanks to its multiple player option and the developers are constantly improving the game to keep players addicted. The GTA SAMP is developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. Rockstar North have continuously improved the game and made it realistic with role playing game and personalisation such as accessories, clothing etc.