GTA VC: COP chaos

For GTA Vice City released an impressive number of mods. The developers have combined the separate modifications to create themed "collections" additions. These include "COP chaos" for GTA VC.

Development of GTA VC: COP chaos

The original initiative for the creation of a "COP lawlessness" belongs to Russian players. In the recent past they have begun discussing the possibility of making the game "Russian spirit". Well-developed social networks interesting thoughts began to actively discussed among players from different continents. This trend has come to the attention of the team, not directly related to direct creators of Vice City.

To date, information on specific developers "COP lawlessness" is quite diffuse. In the search engines index contains hundreds of sites as the developer mentioned company Rockstar North. However, this information does not correspond to reality.

Analysis of several dozens of formal and thematic games resources showed that direct developers of fashion "COP chaos" is a group of developers "Russian project". In fact, it was one of the programmers and designers from ordinary players. They are not pursued for profit, pursuing only one goal - to give GTA VC truly "Russian spirit", essentially transforming the visual perception of familiar game world. The exact names and nicknames true developers remain under the veil of secrecy in connection with a mass of unstructured information across the network.

The plot and visualization fashion

Сюжет мода Ментовский беспредел
The first thing that puzzled players after installation of the mod is the lack of plot in the standard sense. Users have not found a single new job. The whole plot slope was meant only to recreate the atmosphere of Russian cities with giving the character some additional features.

In particular, the main differences between the fashion from the original game include:

  • Updated fleet with Russian cars, among them you can find an old and well-known in many countries of the "Lada".
  • The modified mapping. The changes were made as a minor graphical elements (trees, money), and entire buildings. Have added several new locations.
  • Changes in musical accompaniment. Now on the streets updated Vice City sounds Russian radio "Chanson".
  • Unlimited amount of ammunition.

GTA Vice City COP chaos" created exclusively for mindless fun. In the vastness of Vice City traffic police make a complete mess, drivers completely forgot about security and pedestrians became fools. The player can implement all rowdy ideas: from innocent pogrom old "Lada" to skirmishes and fights with the police.