Shit-parade of the worst GTA clones

GTA mobile clones
Today we have something unusual - a top of the "best" GTA clone for mobile devices. Maybe someone not quite up to date, but there is a whole industry of mobile games, which itself is quite capable of competing with traditional video games. At least in terms of profitability. And, as in PC and console gaming, in this industry there are masterpieces and failures. Now we won't talk about good games for mobile platforms from serious developers (GTA Liberty city Stories, for example), instead we'll descend into the dark depths of Google Play and ITunes to see what a terrible GTA clones there are.

San Andreas Crime City
Let's start with the GTA-clone from the MiamiCrimeGames company called San Andreas Crime City. Judging by the name, appearance, character and the overall style of the game, the developers didn't even try to hide the fact of borrowing from GTA San Andreas. The plot of San Andreas City Crime, of course, if it can be called so, revolves around a black gangster, armed with various weapons and a thirst for revenge to a kind of "bandits" flooded the city. Why the bandit, which we are given to manage, is different from the "bad" bandits, we're supposed to shoot? Who knows. Yes it isn't so important.

The game itself looks more like a joke. Missing textures, bugs, weird NPC behavior - in general, a complete set of "child diseases" that are valid for the very early alpha versions, but unacceptable in the final product. However, can we expect something worthwhile from extruded free project? By the way, MiamiCrimeGames, apparently still managed to get some profit out of San Andreas Crime City, because there is San Andreas Crime City 2 already available for download in Google Play, which brought improved graphics, the opportunity of Cycling and other small improvements.

San Andreas Gangster 3D
Next guest in our shit-parade is San Andreas Gangster 3D, from the Proward Interactive company. Any more or less experienced gamer at first glance at the screenshots of this masterpiece will immediately recognize the models from GTA Vice City. Okay, we are used to game models stolen from other games. What else can boast this excellent 3D action game? For example, the lack of any adequate physics that arises in the absence of any adequate gameplay. Overall this, so called, game looks even more pathetic than San Andreas Crime City.

Russian Mafia City
Now it's time to rush a loud applause to another blockbuster Russian Mafia City from the BestSibGames company. This game can be called 3D action. At least the developers didn't steal models from other games of Grand Theft Auto games series and you can drive cars without damning that day when you started this game on the screen of your tablet. There are some kind of missions, but all this pales before the overall wretchedness of the gameplay. But still you can have some fun by playing as Russian in a track suit.

Grand City Driving
Another guest in today's shit-parade - Grand City Driving, by Triangle Game Production. And we must say that this game can be called the most worthy of all we talking about today. Lets not concentrate on already familiar bugs and physics issues. But pay attention to quite nice, for a free mobile game, graphics and adequate behavior of cars! Despite it's the same crooked junk instead of game, it is, perhaps, the best game of today's list. On their background it looks quite playable.

Our hit parade came to an end. It's hard to say whether this is good or bad. But you can always find something interesting on our site. For example we have a whole page dedicated to cheat codes for GTA 5. Or a huge amount of interesting articles and news from the world of GTA Online. Not to mention the thousands of mods for all games of GTA series, each of which you can download absolutely for free and without registration.

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2016-03-30 09:44:13

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